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Here at ESCalate we use twitter to fill you in on:

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Education on Twitter:

It seems that studying education and following Twitter go hand in hand.  We have made note of some relevant Twitter users for you to browse through at your leisure.  Reading their tweets will provide you with current information, recent discussion points and fresh news articles.  These are not only interesting but may also help with your studies!

BBC Education               http://twitter.com/bbceducation

Connected Teaching       http://twitter.com/cpd4teachers

Michael Gove                 http://twitter.com/mickgove

Education.Gov.UK           http://twitter.com/educationgovuk

Futurelab Education        http://twitter.com/futurelabedu

HEFCE                          http://twitter.com/HEFCE

Intute Education            http://twitter.com/intuteeducation

Times Higher Education   http://twitter.com/timeshighered

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