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Book review : Choosing students : higher education tools for the 21st century
This is a book review of Choosing students : higher education tools for the 21st century edited by Wayne J. Camara and Ernest W. Kimmel, published by Lawrence Erlbaum in 2005, ISBN 9780805847529. It was reviewed by Janet Oti of the University of Wales, Newport on behalf of ESCalate. This book seeks to present and describe the admissions procedures and policies adopted by higher education colleges and Universities in America. Conflicting issues...
Book review : Overcoming the barriers to higher education
This is a book review of Overcoming the barriers to higher education by Stephen Gorard, published by Trentham Books in 2007, ISBN 9781858564142. It was reviewed by Ruth Hewston of the University of Worcester on behalf of ESCalate. In 2004, HEFCE commissioned Professor Stephen Gorard and a team of authors to independently review the existing relevant evidence on widening participation in Higher Education. This text presents a compelling summary...
Book review : Perspectives on participation and inclusion : engaging education
This is a book review of Perspectives on participation and inclusion : engaging education edited by Suanne Gibson and Joanna Haynes, published by Continuum in 2009, ISBN 9781847060204. It was reviewed by Susan Wilkinson of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff on behalf of ESCalate. This book would be useful and of interest to students on Education Studies programmes, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and also students and professionals...
Book Review: Accessing Education: effectively widening participation
This book, based on a personal analysis of 23 access students, claims to be 'essential reading for anyone wanting to widen educational participation in a real and effective way'. It opens by setting the context for access initiatives through an examination of recent Government policy texts. Dr Burke goes on to suggest that the gendered, classed and raced discourses and pedagogies of further and higher education reinforce, rather than diminish,...
Book Review: Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High-Functioning Autism / Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom
The strengths of this book lie in three areas: firstly, the author's emphatic argument on the need to understand why children behave the way they do; secondly in her comprehensive account of the behaviours displayed by children with autism and how to address them; and in the final chapter where Moyes argues the need to evaluate for effectiveness
Book review: Dyslexia-friendly further and higher education
This is a book review of Dyslexia-friendly further and higher education by Barbara Pavey, Margaret Meehan and Alan Waugh, published by Sage in 2010, ISBN 9781847875860. It was reviewed by Liane Purnell of Newman University College on behalf of ESCalate. This book is for those studying dyslexia focused programmes at Master’s level, but also for mainstream practitioners wishing to improve their dyslexia knowledge and practice. It covers topics such...
Book Review: From Teaching To Mentoring: Principle and Practice, dialogue and life in adult education
This book draws on case studies from the authors' extensive experience of teaching to explore and illustrate a dialogic process of mentoring adult, non-traditional learners in American Higher Education. They draw extensively on classical Platonic philosophical precepts to structure the framework of the Socratic, dialogic relationship, supplemented by the concepts of life-world and system as defined by Habermas. The case studies would make useful...
Book Review: Inclusive Mathematics 11-18
This book is from a series on Special Needs in Ordinary Schools, and considers how mathematics can be taught effectively in secondary inclusive classrooms
Book Review: Lifelong Learning: Education Across The Lifespan
This book's editors, John Field and Mal Leicester, have pulled off a very ambitious task. In a collection of 24 chapters from 29 authors, there are significant contributions to theory, comparative perspectives, the literature on access and widening participation and curriculum
Book Review: Non-Traditional Entrants to Higher Education. 'They talk about people like me'
This is a fascinating account of a four-year action research project run by the author, Marion Bowl, in collaboration with colleagues and students from Birmingham Reachout - a community based initiative to encourage mature, working class and minority ethnic students to access higher education. Through detailed histories of the students who became involved in the project between 1997 and 2001, Bowl attempts to answer three research questions....
Book Review: Prescribing Learning, a guide to good practice in learning and health
I found this book is interesting, informative and easy to read. It provides insight and ideas for promoting healthier lifestyles through learning and particularly through adult education
Book Review: Providing Education for Out-of-School Youth in Bangladesh
This is one of a series of books produced by the Commonwealth Secretariat focusing on innovations and challenges in education. The book starts with a helpful overview of the non-formal education system in Bangladesh. Out-of-school youth are defined within section two and reasons for their exclusion from education are considered. In section three a case study approach is used. Programmes are outlined and structures and systems are explained. This...
Book Review: Supporting Student Learning: Case studies, experience & practice from higher education
This book briefly discusses the political and historic context of student learning in HE identifying the increasingly diverse challenges that now exist as a result of widening participation trends. Specifically the discussion 'unpacks' issues relating to the diversity of learners and the range of tutor approaches to supporting their learning. Three key topics are identified in the introduction to provide the foci for the subsequent case studies:...
Book Review: Teaching, Learning & Study Skills A Guide for Tutors
'Teaching, Learning & Study Skills A Guide for Tutors' is a very distinctive adjunct to the literature on study skills for Higher Education students. As well as constituting a companion volume to 'Essential Study Skills: The complete guide to success @ university', also by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield, this guide directs advice and support to lecturers in Higher Education who have responsibilities for teaching students the requirements of...
Book Review: The Changing Face of Further Education: Lifelong learning, inclusion and community values in further education
This is a thoroughly stimulating book. After a brief, but appropriate, dip into the history of further education, the book takes on major issues in current education which find special expression in further education, but in one way or another touch all sectors and levels – lifelong learning, skills in education, inclusion, HE in FE, communitarian values
Book Review: Widening Participation in Post-Compulsory Education
Liz Thomas is Director of the Institute for Access Studies at the University of Staffordshire and edits Widening Participation and Lifelong learning and European Access News. This useful book is a general introduction to the literature and issues of widening participation