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Book review : Moodle course conversion : beginner's guide
This is a book review of Moodle Course Conversion : Beginner's Guide by Ian Wild, published by Packt in 2008, ISBN 9781847195241. It was reviewed by Christopher Douce of the Open University on behalf of ESCalate. Moodle course conversion provides practical step by step guidance about how to make use of the various features that Moodle - a Virtual Learning Environment that is used by schools, colleges and universities - offers to educators. It...
Book Review: African Virtual University: The Case of Kenyatta University
This book is one of a series of key papers produced by the Commonwealth Secretariat and, like the others; it provides a useful insight into a challenging aspect of education. Although short in length the book provides a useful overview to the rapid expansion of higher education in Africa and in particular the opportunities offered through the African Virtual University (AVU). This book will be of interest to those involved in higher education and...
Book Review: Key Guides For Effective Teaching In Higher Education: Using C&IT To Support Learning
Using C&IT to support teaching is primarily aimed at new lecturers or postgraduate student demonstrators and sets out to provide a very practical guide to the diversity of ways of using technology to support and facilitate learning. The benefits of using C&IT in Education (in both Further and Higher Education) are highlighted with practical examples incorporating a range of subject disciplines