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Book Review: Assessing the Quality of Open and Distance Learning Materials
Alan Clarke's booklet Assessing the Quality of Open and Distance Learning Materials is a timely and useful guide to the range of issues surrounding the quality assessment of open and distance learning (ODL) resources
Book Review: Knowledge, Power and Learning
This edited work brings together papers from twelve different authors and functions as a key text for a level two Open University course. The themes of the title are explored in relation to socio-cultural contexts ranging from school classroom learning, vocational and adult education settings, to work-based learning. These papers share concerns arising from the growth in significance of communications and information technology in the context of...
Book Review: Supporting Students in Online, Open and Distance Learning (Second Edition)
The book is essentially a collection of very practical resources to what is widely defined as 'complete a spectrum of activities as possible, from the organising and management of student support including staff development through to direct interaction with students as advisors, mentor and other roles'. The audience is intended as all those who are involved in or who are planning to be involved in supporting students in this field, although the...
Book Review: Teacher Education Through Open and Distance Learning
This book is Volume Three of a series World Review of Distance Education and Open Learning. It is published on behalf of the Commonwealth of Learning, an international organisation established by Commonwealth governments in 1988. The purpose of the organisation is to create and widen opportunities for learning, through Commonwealth co-operation in distance education and open learning. It works closely with governments, colleges and universities...