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Book review : Primary ICT : knowledge, understanding and practice
This is a book review of Primary ICT: knowledge, understanding and practice by Jonathan Allen et al., published by Learning Matters in 2007, ISBN 9781844450947. It has been reviewed by Alex Melrose of Stockport College, on behalf of ESCalate. This book provides practical information on ICT skills needed for specific applications as well as information on the ICT National Curriculum and how ICT can be used in a professional capacity. The first...
Book Review: ICT For Curriculum Enhancement
This collection of writings from a number of ICT experts, from a variety of backgrounds, presents food for thought for ICT Advisors, ICT consultants, ICT Directors/Coordinators and ICT leaders in primary, secondary, tertiary and ITT (Initial Teacher Training) sectors. It may also be of interest to students and teachers of ‘ICT and Society’ and ‘ICT education’