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Book review : The value of play
This is a book review of The value of play by Perry Else published by Continuum in 2009, ISBN 9780826495655. It was reviewed by Keith Savage of Stockport College on behalf of ESCalate. The Value of Play has 10 chapters – each a dozen or so pages only. Perry Else has much to say and necessarily – in such a short text – has to compress his material. It does have a Euro-centric tone. All the material in the chapter on the history of what play is...
Book Review: A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning: Theory and Practice
This book proves to be a useful guide to understanding and using reflective and experiential learning, looking both at theory and practical implementation.Treading a path between theory and practice is always tricky and, on balance, the book's strength, for me, rests in the practical help it offers