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Book Review: Academic Writing
The book ‘Academic writing from paragraph to essay’ is a combination work and textbook which is aimed at non-native English speakers who seek to improve their academic writing. It is targeted primarily at university-level students with an intermediate ability in English as a foreign language and can be used either in class or as a self-study book
Book Review: Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide
This concise and easy to read book offers social sciences undergraduates some practical advice on essay writing. It starts with an overview of grade /band descriptors – what does a 2:2 essay look like, how does a marker/reader differentiate a 2:1 essay from one that gets a 2:2 - and builds up into a step by step guide to writing a high quality social sciences essay. Some of the advice is basic but this book is not harmed by its repetition. The...
Book Review: The Basics of Essay Writing
As students we don’t need telling that good essays pass exams, but we often struggle to write a good one easily. This book describes essay writing as a craft that needs to be practiced. Mastering the craft should help stop those recurring nightmares of where to start, how to conclude and what to put in the middle. I particularly like the section ‘Do you recognise yourself here?’ This is where the less accomplished of us may discover some of the...