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Book review : Gender in primary and secondary education : a handbook for policy-makers and other stakeholders
This is a book review of Gender in primary and secondary education: a handbook for policy-makers and other stakeholders by Ramya Subrahmanian, published by the Commonwealth Secretariat in 2007, ISBN 9780850928648. It was reviewed by Dr Christine Bold of Liverpool Hope University for ESCalate. The book provides an overview of the rationales that have informed policy development in girls’ education and encourages a change towards a rights–based...
Book review : Here to stay : the Gypsies and travellers of Britain
This is a book review of Here to stay : the Gypsies and travellers of Britain by Colin Clark and Margaret Greenfields, published by the University of Hertfordshire Press in 2006, ISBN 9781902806334. It was reviewed by Sandra Shaffi of Stockport College on behalf of ESCalate. This book attempts to challenge the image portrayed of gypsies by providing information about their background, values and beliefs. The experiences and problems faced by...
Book review : Leadership and diversity : challenging theory and practice in education
This is a book review of Leadership and diversity : challenging theory and practice in education by Jacky Lumby with Marianne Coleman, published by Sage in 2007, ISBN 9781412921831. It was reviewed by Jacqueline Baxter the Open University for ESCalate. This book is aimed at those involved in educational management and policy makers. It concentrates on two particular aspects of diversity; gender and ethnicity, the strength of this approach is the...
Book Review: Anti-discriminatory Practice, Second Edition
This is a new edition of a 1996 textbook for childcare workers on NVQ and CACHE students in childcare. The different chapters are on race, religion and culture; major religious beliefs; guidelines on personal care; the role of play; and communication and identity
Book Review: Interculturalism, Education and Inclusion
This is a most interesting, accessible and useful book, which deserves to be read by a wide range of education practitioners from school, further education, and university, and not least the policy makers in these sectors. Intercultural Education is an EU term; it is important to say that 'Inclusion' in the title refers to policies that inhibit the exclusion of various minorities, particularly those with low levels of participation and...
Book Review: International Perspectives on Citizenship, Education and Religious Diversity
Throughout the book there emerge clear reflections and theory about citizenship, education and religious diversity, taken from studies in four countries: Germany, Norway, South Africa and the UK, These are the results of a seminar of the International Network for Inter-religious and Inter-cultural Education, held in 2001at the University of Warwick, where the editor, Robert Jackson, is Professor of Education and director of the Warwick Religions...
Book Review: Silenced sexualities in schools and universities
The book examines the concept of ‘normal’ with regards to sexuality. The normalisation of heterosexuality is a construct arising from the discourse of power. This is the underlying principle that Epstein et al promote is this book. They argue that this normative heterosexuality constrains and influences the construction of a personal sexual identity. They demonstrate that this power of normative heterosexuality pervades all institutions including...
Book Review: Special Educational Needs in the Early Years (2nd ed)
This book is a second edition and as such reflects the changes in the education of children with special educational needs although it reflects English changes rather than UK wide changes. It is part of a series and offers practical advice through case studies and an easy to read commentary
Book Review: Stories for Inclusive Schools: Developing young pupils' skills
The stories are the core of the book and deal with: alternative lifestyles (travellers and waterways; difference in appearances and empathy (scars and glasses); cultural diversity and friendship (intercultural friendship, the human family); the differently abled (abilities and disabilities); hidden disability and self confidence (diabetes and HIV); and families (single parent and low income)
Book Review: Succeeding in Diversity
Jean Conteh documents a group of successful bilingual learners as they progress through Key Stage 2 in mainstream primary classrooms. Her study, arising from her work as a teacher trainer, demonstrates how children are helped by their interactions and experiences at home and school to move confidently between social worlds, cultures and languages in their daily lives. The skills, knowledge and strategies these pupils display in all these...
Book Review: Supporting Refugee Children in 21st Century Britain - A compendium of essential information
This compendium is a new version of a book published in 2001 which has been revised to take account of changes in policy and practice arising from the Race Relations Amendment Act (2000), which came into force in 2002, and the new Asylum Act. The purpose and intended audience of the book remain the same however, which is to provide guidance and a source of reference for those working with and supporting the children of refugees and asylum seekers