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Book review : Rude Britannia
This is a book review of Rude Britannia edited by Mina Gorji and published by Routledge in 2007, ISBN 9780415382779. It was reviewed by John Clarke of the University of East London, on behalf of ESCalate. Rude Britannia attempts to place ‘contemporary concerns about rudeness in relation to wider discussions of class, culture and national identity.’ The book explores rudeness via a number of essays by various authors. It is a tightly edited book...
Book review : SAGE handbook of writing development
This is a book review of the SAGE handbook of writing development edited by Roger Beard et al., published by Sage in 2009, ISBN 9781412948463. It was reviewed by Susan Wilkinson of the University of Portsmouth on behalf of ESCalate. This varied collection of papers that together review work in the area of writing development, summarise key debates, and consider where current research is taking place. It extensively examines a range of...
Book Review: Insight into IELTS / Insight into IELTS Extra (Workbook)
The IELTS test and associated materials such as this coursebook, are of interest to different groups of educators: teachers of IELTS preparation courses, users of the test results and tutors in HE institutions who teach international students. The latter include university and college admissions tutors and lecturers on courses with students who have taken this test in order to meet an English language proficiency entry criterion
Book Review: Language, Education and Discourse
The book is divided into two parts: part 1 focussing on discourse during the early stages of language development and part 2 examining discourse during the secondary phase of education
Book Review: The International Student's Guide: Studying in English at University
This is a new book in the ‘SAGE Study Skills Series’ and the target audience is overseas students who are studying at a University where English is the medium of teaching – the book has a specific focus on students studying at a University in the United Kingdom. The aim of the book is to provide ways of learning, improving English, making the most of your strengths and working in seminars and groups. The text focuses on both the needs of the...
Book Review: The Language of Work
This book is a ‘satellite’ text, complementary to the foundation text ‘Working with Texts: A core introduction to language analysis (second edition, 2001)’, designed to meet the needs of contemporary English Language Studies. However, it is an engaging and accessible book for anyone interested in developing an understanding of how to analyse written and spoken language in a variety of workplace situations