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Book review : Assessment for learning and teaching in primary schools (2nd ed.)
This is a book review of Assessment for learning and teaching in primary schools (2nd ed.), by Mary Briggs et al., published by Learning Matters in 2008, ISBN 9781844451432. It was reviewed by Tracy Wallis of the University of Wolverhampton on behalf of ESCalate. This book is aimed at trainee teachers and NQTs and seeks to explain the fundamentals of what assessment for learning and teaching actually is and has been revised for the new 2007 Q...
Book Review: Achieving QTS: Assessment for Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools
This is an extremely useful book for the Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and those seeking to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It is written with the needs in mind of primary trainees on courses of initial teacher training. This book will also be useful for assessment leaders and curriculum coordinators in the primary sector. The book is full of practical ideas for assessment of learning, linking the processes of setting objectives in...
Book Review: Assessing Students' Written Work: Marking Essays and Reports (Effective Teaching in Higher Education S.)
Assessing Students’ Written Work is one of a series of titles focused primarily on those new to teaching but is useful as a reference text for all practitioners. The other texts in the series are Small Group Teaching, Giving a Lecture: From Presenting to Teaching and Using C&IT to Support Teaching
Book Review: Assessment: what's in it for schools?
As one of the series, What's in it for Schools which aims to make educational policy relevant to practitioners, this short text is particularly useful given the currently high profile being given to educational assessment. Its purpose is to explore the complex and sometimes contentious debate surrounding current policy on educational assessment in schools
Book Review: Learning Autonomy in Post-16 Education
The title doesn't convey the breadth and importance of a book that should be read by all present and intending FE teachers and managers, those in HE who study, or train teachers for, the post-school sector and the architects of the emerging 14 - 19 phase. In its genesis as a PhD this was a study of assessment in GNVQ, with the aims of (i) offering a more rational basis for assessment and (ii) promoting forms of learning that are genuinely...
Book Review: Understanding Assessment - Purposes, Perceptions, Practice
The book is structured into four parts, comprising: an overview of assessment and an introduction to key concepts;a section dealing with aspects of external assessment; a section that looks at issues of classroom assessment; a concluding section which summarises the book's central arguments and illustrates how teachers can reconcile the two cultures of summative and formative assessment