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Dyslexia and work-based learning: a resource for mentors
This project aims to raise awareness about dyslexia and work-based learning. The project aims to develop a series of reusable learning objects (RLOs) (these are short, interactive, multimedia ‘bite-sized’ chunks of learning) which can be used by mentors in the work place and their students. These would be freely available to all academic departments who use work placements as part of the learning programme, such as nursing, education and...
Placement plus
This article forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and looks at four year degrees and the Placement Plus scheme that provide a minimum of 32 weeks of placements, not necessarily in schools. It is a summary of a meeting of four year QTS Primary degree providers held in Lancaster in February 2008, looking at the various placement options offered by a number of institutions
SCEPTrE - Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education
The main areas of activity of this Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning are the preparation of undergraduates for employment and enhancing the learning experience through collaborative forms of enquiry