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An investigation into the impact and effectiveness of beginning and early career primary teachers, trained on a work-based learning route, in the delivery of primary languages at Key Stage 2
This is an ESCalate project led by Vivienne Griffiths of Canterbury Christ Church University, looking at beginning and early career primary teachers, trained on a work-based learning route. The project will investigate the effectiveness of early career teachers trained on the Graduate Teacher Programme in delivering primary languages, and identify factors which affect language learning and teaching. Findings will help enhance primary language...
Assessing professional standards
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 18, autumn 2010. Ruth Pilkington, of the University of Central Lancashire writes about an ESCalate funded project looking at using reflective dialogue to assess professional learning. It details how professional learning dialogues from four institutions are being studied to aid the Continuing Professional Development of academic staff
Continuum : survey : new learning professionals
ESCalate provided funding to support work with widening participation practitioners to be extended to staff managing student ambassadors and mentoring schemes. Professor John Storan, Dr Petula Peters and Kathy Wright of the University of East London led this piece of commissioned work that aimed to explore the extent of support and recognition for practitioners and identify the learning and training needs of a particular group of support staff....
Developing learning opportunities for teacher educators
Jean Murray writes for the ESCalate Newsletter June 2010 on developing learning opportunities for teacher educators. She highlights the importance of supporting teacher educators in the development of their research capacities and access to professional learning
Dual identities : enhancing the in-service teacher-trainee experience in further education
Dual identities : enhancing the in-service teacher-trainee experience in further education is a research grant given to Kevin Orr of University of Huddersfield by ESCalate in 2008. The project's aims are: 1. To explore the dual role of employed teacher and teacher-trainee in order to consider how the roles interact and affect the training of teachers in FE. 2. To develop strategies to enhance the teacher-trainee experience through partnership...
Enhancing the student learning experience in HE education programmes across the UK
Jocelyn Wishart of ESCalate prepared a poster presentation of ESCalate's work for the August 2010 European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in Helsinki. It details the process and findings of a recent evaluation of ESCalate, looking at the impact of grants and events, as well as the degree of engagement with institutions
ESCalate newsletter issue 1, spring 2005
This is the ESCalate newsletter issue 1, published in spring 2005. Articles in this issue include: Educational stories in the Media, David Egan evaluates the GTCW CPD programme, Liz Browne looks at the impact of the reforms to ITT, Les Caul on Letters from Americans, In conversation with... Professor Bart McGettrick. It is presented as a single PDF file of some 12 pages
Friday fry up event
This is an ESCalate Hot Topic grant awarded to Lynn Boyle of the University of Dundee to disseminate her work in bringing together colleagues in an informal lunch setting to share best practice on issues such as Web 2.0 and feedback on assessment
Investigating Staff Development for the Educators of Adult Educators
Discusses issues concerning the development of staff in Continuing Education Departments, including issues of what is taught, the relationship between research and teaching for staff, types of staff development taken up by staff/offered to them, and barriers which may prevent development
M Level PGCE
The ideas here are presented by delegates who attended the ESCalate ITE M level PGCE seminar at the University of Gloucestershire on January 9th 2007 and it forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators. Discussions covered the following topic areas: * Staff development; * School-baesd research; * Curriculum structure and content; * Student induction and support; * Admissions and support. There was lively...
Meeting of Minds: TLRP Fellowship Scheme
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter autumn 2007, written by James O'Toole. The Teaching and Learning Reserach Programme (TLRP) announces the fourth round of its Fellowship Scheme. The funding is aimed at UK educational researchers who are already established in the field with high quality publications but are yet to become Principal Investigators (or equivalent) in their own right. Modest funding (based on travel and subsistence...
National Teaching Fellows
This resource details the work of ESCalate, the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Education, in the area of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS). It looks at NTFS individual awards and the project strand. It details Education National Teaching Fellows, by year of award
National Teaching Fellows individual awards 2008
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 11, summer 2008. It covers the outlines the aims of the National Teaching Fellows scheme and the winners for this year. The cohort of 2008 Fellows will join the current community of National Teaching Fellows bringing the total number of Fellowships awarded to 330. The awards will be presented to Fellows at a celebration event in London on Wednesday 24 September 2008. The NTFS, launched in...
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme : ten years on and going strong
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 16, spring 2010. Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds, tells us about how the scheme began and how it continues to grow and share the benefits throughout the education community. Then in the following articles we have two personal accounts of what the awards have enabled people to achieve
On being awarded a National Teaching Fellowship
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, spring 2010, issue 16. Julie Hughes, one of ESCalate's Academic Consultants talks about being awarded an NTF and the impact it has had on her professional life
Peer observation
These guidelines have been prepared as a starting point for schools of education or education departments wishing to undertake peer observation of learning and teaching, particularly as preparation for a Subject Review. While the guidelines are designed to have general applicability to any department, the particular circumstances and the requirements of specific subjects will almost certainly mean that there will be variations in practice between...
Professional development for those leading quality enhancement initiatives
This is a brief description of an ESCalate development project led by Professor Ranald Macdonald of Sheffield Hallam University. The project aims to support the professional development of those leading quality enhancement initiatives. Specifically, the project aims; to build and enhance institutional capacity to provide effective support for change in learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) to ensure maximum impact on the curriculum and the...
Resources from 1st TEAN annual conference : The importance of education
Resources from the ESCalate event 1st TEAN (Teacher Education Advancement Network) annual conference : The importance of education, 21 May 2010. Includes a link to the conference website, the Teacher Training Resource Bank conference website and conference resources / abstracts
Resources from Enhancing the experience of trainee teachers in the lifelong learning sector
Resources from the ESCalate event Enhancing the experience of trainee teachers in the lifelong learning sector, 20 April 2010 looking at how new practitioners in the lifelong learning sector best be supported. It includes two good practice guides, one for teacher educators and one for the employers of trainee teachers, plus presentations related to the research project and guides
Resources from University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference
Resources from the ESCalate event University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference, 13 May 2010 on the theme of learning dialogues. Better understanding of learning dialogues is an important element in the scholarship of Learning and Teaching. The conference was designed to provide a forum in which effective, evidence-informed practice can be shared and debated. The learning dialogues conference was organised around four themes:...
Responding to the needs of the teaching community
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, summer 2010, celebrating 10 years of the subject centre. Alison Jackson offers a personal perspective on how her role contributed to ESCalate's work in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum improvement and staff development for teacher educators. She then tells us about how she has developed this role in her work with TEAN (Teacher Education Advancement Network) at the University of Cumbria
Senior Fellows
This resource details the work of ESCalate, the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Education in the area of Senior Fellows. The Higher Education Academy's Professional Recognition Scheme offers individuals the opportunity to gain recognition as Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). Senior Fellows are outstanding champions of teaching and learning, and act as change agents at national and international level. Senior...
Strategies for learning and teaching in Higher Education : a guide to good practice
This guide is in four sections.The first draws out good practice in relation to key strategic themes from a review of strategies in the sector. The second section contains case studies from institutions which link with the strategic themes, and with the widening participation guide.The third section contains case studies relating to student success. The fourth section summarises the support available to institutions from HEFCE in developing and...
Taking the credit for professional development in HE
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, autumn 2008 wherein Nicola Reimann invites us to participate in a colloquium that explores ways in which universities can look beyond initial induction courses for new staff to a longer view that seeks to support professional development in more systematic and sustained ways. Over the past years HE has become increasingly complex and diversified, and so have careers in HE. Contemporary academic...
Teacher Educator Induction Project
This is a piece of ESCalate commissioned work. The project team includes: Dr Pete Boyd, University of Cumbria, Ms Kim Harris, University of Cumbria and Professor Jean Murray, University of East London The aim of this project is to enhance the academic induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher education. In addition to providing regional workshops for new teacher educators the project will also gather data to inform the revision of...
Teacher Educator Induction Project Phase II
This is an ESCalate commissioned project for 2010/11, led by Professor Jean Murray of the University of East London. The aim is to continue to enhance the academic induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher education. This includes school teachers who have been appointed to higher education posts that involve training student teachers for early years, primary and secondary age phases. It also includes those lecturers who have recently been...
Teachers as learners
Teachers as learners is a film that tells the story of a collaborative project between the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and University of Cumbria. Working with student teachers, trainers and partner schools, they wanted to release the energy of student teachers and let them work as agents of change, reflecting on research and their own practice using a new, more flexible curriculum model, based on the idea of making young people...
Teaching in Higher Education : the Welsh Post-Graduate Certificate
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 15, autumn 2009. Colleen Connor gives an introduction to the way that a cross-institutional collaborative approach in post graduate development programmes for academic staff may provide opportunities for real transformational learning and how collaboration across five institutions in Wales aims to nurture a range of networks that supports pedagogic research
The on-line tutorial : developing and evaluating resources and disseminating experience
This is an ESCalate development project awarded to Kerry Shephard, University of Southampton in 2005. It looked at developing practical approaches to integrating a range of commonly available e-learning tools to facilitate wider use of the On-line Tutorial in staff development settings. The aim of this project was to implement and assess the value of an online tutorial within staff development scenarios which are themselves encouraging...
The origins of the CETTnet practitioner network
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, summer 2010, celebrating 10 years of the education subject centre. Diane Thurston wanted to enable practitioners in the lifelong learning sector to research more into their own working contexts - she accessed ESCalate funding in order to do this and explains here how the CETTnet Research Network came about
University of East London (UEL) Continuum
This is an ESCalate Commissioned Work project led by Professor John Storan, Dr Petula Peters and Kathy Wright of the University of East London. The project proposal carried out in the year 2008/9 focused on four areas of activity. These were: 1) Survey - New Learning Professionals Online survey of “New learning professionals” Focus groups (6-8 respondents per group) conducted with survey respondents 2) Listening to Learners – Student Voice The...
Working in partnership to make a difference in special schools
In this case study, Lynne Coleman describes the professional development and impact of one graduate (Rebecca) in two special schools. Research shows that special schools have problems recruiting enough good teachers. Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) has done development work with Employment Based Trainers and schools to improve the situation. Rebecca has helped CCCU to further develop its EBT programme. At the same time, CCCU has...
Working with NTF's, Senior Fellows, CETLs
This is a piece of ESCalate commissioned work, awarded to Tony Brown of the University of Bristol. The purpose of NTF Scheme and the HEA Senior Fellowship is to establish a recognition and reward process for high achieving colleagues in the HE sector. This project aims to publicise the work of NT Fellows in the ESCalate newsletter and the web site. This will be done through selected telephone interviews with NT Fellows working within the...