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Capturing and nurturing student confidence
Sarah Wasson offers an account of an engaging way to boost students’ confidence and help them to become fully involved in their own learning processes. While the story she tells is rooted in her own discipline (literary and cultural theory), the methodology and the lessons to be drawn from her story are universally applicable and are particularly relevant to anyone working in the context of a Widening Participation programme. Using a short...
ESCalate newsletter issue 4, spring 2006
This is the ESCalate newsletter issue 4, published in spring 2006. Articles in the issue include: Education stories in the media and sustainability, Gearing up - Wendy Belk, Emotional intelligence - Alan Mortiboys, Environmental education - Kate Sankey, The nature of teacher education - Prof Bart McGettrick, In conversation with...Suanne Gibson. It is presented as a single PDF file of some 12 pages
Silence as a trigger for support : using online learner support tools
This is an ESCalate Hot Topic article from Karen Fitzgibbon of the University of Glamorgan on using online learner support tools. Over the last eighteen months I have worked with a team of colleagues in the University of Glamorgan to develop two online learner support tools – ‘Early Days’ and ‘Study Health Check’. ‘Early Days’ was released in the first term and focused on students’ integration into their studies and offered advice and support to...