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Feedback as a development tool
Brief introduction to a course which uses student feedback and self feedback - does not include information on practice or conclusions
Modes of Assessment
Modes of assessment describes using peer and self assessment (summative) based on group discussions of level three students. It aims to encourage the key skills of communication, people skills such as group working, ethics and recognition of diversity, personal skills - specifically, the recognition of personal responsibility
Peer Group Assessment
Discussion of student allocation of marks in peer group work - concludes that individual weighting is more valid for this exercise
Student Enhanced Learning through Effective Feedback (SENLEF)
The SENLEF Project (Student Enhanced Learning through Effective Feedback) is a resource for practitioners wishing to improve their feedback practice or get some exciting new ideas. The project has identified seven basic principles of good feedback practice. This website discusses all seven principles and contains links to further information about this Higher Education Academy initiative
Using video for the identification and assessment of learning in initial teacher education
This is an ESCalate research grant awarded to John McCullagh of Stranmillis University College in 2008-9.It considers how post lesson evaluation and reflection can play a crucial role in the development of student teachers and seeks to develop video based methodologies to enhance this process. It also uses video to make specific module learning intentions more explicit and support student self-assessment. The wide availability of video recording...