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Developing professionally relevant research and study skills for mature students as preparation and induction for HE
This ESCalate project aimed to compare, refine and disseminate work already being piloted in the three institutions. These pilots work with adult learners, mostly working part-time alongside their employment, for whom HE study is a daunting prospect even though they are experienced and effective professionals. The nature of these induction programmes is to dispel such fears and enthuse the adult learners towards further study and rapid progress....
Developing research capabilities in FE lecturers through practitioner led action research
This is an ESCalate development project led by Ian Minty of the UHI Millennium Institute and completed in 2007. The main aim of this project was to help develop research skills in Further Education lecturers who are involved in both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) delivery by establishing a mainly online discussion group to support practitioners. Many staff within the colleges that form UHI now teach at both FE and HE level and...
Developing students as researchers
This article authored by Mick Healey and Alan Jenkins describes the importance of research within the undergraduate curriculum. It argues that all undergraduate students in all higher education institutions should experience learning through and about research. This was originally published in UC Magazine, October 2008, p17-19, (Magazine of University and College Union). It also gives a list of useful websites
ESCalate Research methods teaching and learning: Effective on-line support
This project funded within the thematic initiative framework of ESCalate sought to explore and share effective pedagogic approaches to research training that utilise elements of on-line support in teaching and learning. Two events were held as part of the project, a workshop and a one-day conference, for which reports are available on the website. Links to resources that could be used to support research training are also provided
Lifelong Education Research Networking (LERN) Phase Two
The Lifelong Education Research Networking (LERN) Project Phase Two is the second stage of a project to develop and pilot workshops and materials aimed at supporting lifelong learning practitioners in higher education in their efforts to take forward research in this important field
Research skills enhancement for vocational Lifelong Learning Professionals in HE
Links to a report of a project of workshop days aimed at staff dealing with Vocational Lifelong Learning / Vocational Continuing Education, who are interested in becoming research active. The report focuses mainly on the workshops themselves (rather than their content)
Resources from Students as researchers : novice to expert; the first annual ESCalate student conference
Students as researchers : novice to expert; the first annual ESCalate student conference was held in April 2009, for Education undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to consider the value and purpose of small-scale personal research in education for both individuals and groups. The resources from this event include presentations on; The Research Process: from Inception to Dissemination; Students as researchers in the first year...
Shooting stars research with ESCalate
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, summer 2010, celebrating 10 years of the education subject centre. Joe Gadzula writes from a lecturer’s point of view about the support ESCalate has given to one of his students to make a start on their career by applying for funding, engaging with research and presenting at conferences
Students as researchers : novice to expert
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, autumn 2008 giving notice of the first annual ESCalate conference for students. Organised by the Higher Education Subject Centre for Education ESCalate Monday 20th April Aston Conference Centre – Aston University In April 2009, ESCalate will be hosting its first major conference specifically aimed at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in education. The event will provide an...
The power of the written word
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, summer 2010, a celebration of 10 years of the education subject centre. Jenny Moon explains how she was able to develop her research skills and publish her findings through ESCalate support and encouragement
The secrets of biblioland : educational interactive game
This is a project website supporting an ESCalate development grant to Elena Moschini of London Metropolitan University, completed in 2008. The project aimed at evaluating and applying game-based learning theories to the higher education sector. The project is a Flash-based adventure game where users will engage in an interactive journey to fantasy libraries.The game titled: The Secrets of Biblioland – will be an educational interactive game...
The V-ResORT (Virtual Resources for Online Research Training) is working with the Higher Education research training community to develop, evaluate and disseminate a new pedagogic framework for the teaching of research methodology and methods online at Masters and Doctoral level. Our specific aims are to: Develop and evaluate a multimedia online framework for the teaching of research methodology and methods at Masters and Doctorate level; Develop...