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3rd ESCalate ITE conference proceedings : Innovations and developments
This resource is a collection of conference papers from the 2007 Initial Teacher Education conference held in St. Martin’s College on May 18th This collection of papers draws together a range of topics from the conference. Reflection is high on the agenda with six papers exploring it from every angle as a fundamental requirement for the teaching profession. There are many references to Masters level for the teaching profession and other topics...
Anxious learners? How the wisdom of those that have gone before and have become the successful senior academics of today can help transform the current student learning experience in Higher Education
Julie Anderson of ESCalate presented a paper: Anxious learners? How the wisdom of those that have gone before and have become the successful senior academics of today can help transform the current student learning experience in Higher Education at the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Conference 2010. The slides are available for download
Assessing professional standards
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 18, autumn 2010. Ruth Pilkington, of the University of Central Lancashire writes about an ESCalate funded project looking at using reflective dialogue to assess professional learning. It details how professional learning dialogues from four institutions are being studied to aid the Continuing Professional Development of academic staff
Commenting on reflective journals and reflective process analyses: Resources for Tutors and Staff Developers
Report of a project, the main aim of which was to develop materials that would support staff in HE institutions who wish to develop reflective abilities in their students. The report provides background information and set of resources for teachers wishing to include reflective activities within their teaching
Developing the use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) to facilitate reflective journal writing in the professional education of teachers – Online dialogue journals
This project examines the use computer-mediated communication (CMC) to support reflective writing in the professional education of teachers in post-compulsory education. In a collaborative venture between three HEIs, the project examines the use of CMC to facilitate dialogue and reflection among a sample of teachers who are at different stages in their professional education, geographically dispersed and working in a range of differing contexts....
Employability for students : how to get the best from your education course
This book is part of the ESCalate series "Discussion in Education" and looks at the topic of employability. It has been written to help education students think about how to get the maximum out of their time at college or university while they are still on their course. Through a series of practical exercises allow students to reflect on their experiences and gain skills when looking for employment
ePIC and Web 2.0 tools
This is an ESCalate Sharing Ideas grant to help organise events and disseminate best practice. The ePIC (e-learning and professionalism in context) Research and Scholarship Group is based in University of Dundee's School of Education, Social Work and Community Education. The group comprises some 20 academics in the School of Education, Social Work and Community Education, all of whom have research interests in this field. ePIC plans to host an...
ESCalate newsletter issue 8, summer 2007
This is the ESCalate newsletter issue 8, published in summer 2007. Articles in this edition include: Inclusive presenting - TechDis, Critical thinking requires academic assertiveness - Dr Jenny Moon, Understanding education: back to basics - Dr Poppy Turner, Becoming a teacher educator - Dr Pete Boyd et al., The Trebullom farm project - John Burnett, An online exploration of learning biographies - Alan Bainbridge, Betwixt and between? - Phil...
Evidencing Reflection: putting the 'w' into reflection
Thought piece on the value and uses of reflection in teaching/working in HE - with practical suggestions including questions to stimulate reflection
Exploring the use of an on-line environment to develop the learning biographies of mature students on a foundation degree programme
This is an ESCalate development project led by Alan Bainbridge of Canterbury Christ Church University College and completed in 2007. This project is seeking to investigate the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) as a focus to discuss and develop the learning biographies/narratives of mature students on a foundation degree programme. Learning biographies are more usually shared and developed in an experiential group setting that...
Pebble Power!
We joined the PGCE course in September virtual strangers, a group of 12 student teachers with similar goals and ambitions. Six months later it is amazing to see how far we have traveled as individuals and now as a group. Up mountains, down ski slopes, across the seas and along trenches – and all with a little help from the University’s electronic portfolio, pebblePAD, an online learning and teaching environment
Primary trainees' reflection in action
This is a paper by Julie-Ann Edwards of the University of Southampton that forms part of the Initial Teacher Education resources section of the ESCalate website. This paper explores some of the reflective writing undertaken by trainees on a Primary PGCE course following small-scale classroom-based research as part of their work towards Masters level credits. Types of reflection evident are categorised and the frequency of these categories...
Reflecting on reflection
The ESCalate workshop at the University of Gloucestershire on 16.1.09. presented by Chris Rigby from the University of Middlesex provoked an exciting range of ideas and inspirations from delegates. The download available here presents some of those ideas and invites colleagues to join the discussion. Reflection can be defined, it can be taught and it can be evaluated. A range of models can assist but the most important factor is that reflection...
Reflective learning workshop materials
This is a collection of materials from an ESCalate workshop on reflective learning held at Coventry University. Dr Jenny Moon an ESCalate Academic Consultant led the workshop, which covered: Developing an understanding of reflection; - Defining reflective learning; - Emotion and reflection; - Learning and reflection; - Factors that affect the quality of reflection; - Depth of reflection; - The learner's conception of knowledge; -Introducing...
Reflective teaching : the past, present and future of a textbook
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 16, spring 2010. Andrew Pollard writes about how the established textbook - Reflective Teaching - for teachers first started and how he sees it moving forward ... with a little help from the education community
Resources for reflective learning
This is a collection of exercises, material for handouts and examples that are designed to support the introduction and use of reflective and experiential learning. They were distributed as a resources sheet by Dr. Jenny Moon at a workshop on reflective learning given on behalf of ESCalate. They comprise of 50 pages from Moon, J (2004) A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning , Routledge Falmer, London. It covers topics such as the...
Resources for storytelling
A set of resources for tutors and students produced by Jenny Moon and made available by ESCalate. It includes advice about developing the skills of storytelling and their transfer to disciplines such as education, media, marketing, leisure and tourism. There are lists of stories to use and develop, as well as web links to e-stories
Resources for use with reflection or learning journals
This document has been made available by ESCalate and includes the resources section from Jenny Moon's book on learning journals and their use, Learning Journals - a handbook for reflective practice and professional development (Routledge Falmer, 2006, 2nd Edition). The material in this section may be freely photocopied, but must include acknowledgement of the author and source. It includes instructions for exercises on the depth and quality of...
Resources from Kent e-PDP and Employability Event
Resources from the ESCalate event Kent e-PDP and Employability Event, 10 May 2010 to promote the work of the project team from the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research and Unit for the Enhancement of Learning Teaching at the University of Kent in linking eportfolios, Personal Development Planning (e-PDP) and employability. The project is supported by the Higher Education Academy’s Discipline-focused Learning Enhancement Academy...
Resources from Reflecting on reflection: to develop and extend our understanding of reflection
Resources from the ESCalate event Reflecting on Reflection: to develop and extend our understanding of reflection, 16 January 2009. Is reflection something that just comes naturally? Can anyone do it? Can it be taught? How can it be learnt? What is the role of the teacher educator? How can we enhance and encourage reflection amongst our student teachers? This workshop focusses on how Teacher educators will: Focus sharply on their own practice,...
Resources from Using e-portfolios in teacher education (lifelong learning sector)
Resources from the ESCalate event Using e-portfolios in Teacher Education (Lifelong Learning Sector), 26 February 2010. It includes presentations offering an Introduction to ESCalate, an Introduction to CETT and IfL, Online Resources from JISC-RSC, Using portfolios in Teacher Education in a Skills for Life setting and Teaching and Teacher Education in a Digital Age
Science education students taking ownership of their learning
This paper by Liz Lakin from the University of Cumbria, forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and is part of the Research Papers from the Teacher Educator Community series. This paper reports on the initial outcomes of an exercise with Secondary students in the conceptual development year of their undergraduate or post graduate training. Students were asked to use a focussed learning log to assist with their studies. The...
Seeing is believing
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 18, autumn 2010 by John McCullagh of Stranmillis University. Given the importance placed on reflective thinking within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and the accessibility of digital video technology, this ESCalate funded research project set out to identify how video technology may support the development of student teachers
Teacher Educators' experience and use of reflection in the Lifelong Learning Sector
The project aims to investigate teacher educators’ experience and use of reflection and how they introduce and support reflection with trainee teachers. It will explore the theoretical models which teacher educators personally find most useful, and how they customarily engage in reflection eg. through personal introspection, by keeping a journal, and through discussion with colleagues. The project will also explore how teacher educators...
The reflective practitioner : undergraduate independent study modules in education studies
This is an ESCalate development project led by Jean Williams of De Montfort University that was completed in 2007. It looks at a cohort of students using a journal to record their reflections and using that as part of their assessment. The Project / Placement module has been running successfully since 1998 and offers Humanities students the opportunity to carry out an applied independent study through a placement in an educational setting. The...