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A Masters level profession? The mid-course views of PGCE trainee teachers
Claire Creasor from Edge Hill University shares her paper on Masters level with us. This complements the M level PGCE research carried out at the University of Cumbria and looks at the perceptions of students at a point mid-way through their course. It forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators. Teaching is on course to become a Masters level profession. The introduction of M-level PGCE programmes and Government ambitions...
M-level PGDE at the University of Glasgow
Beth Dickson, Associate Dean of ITE from the University of Glasgow, presented this talk on her vision and reality of the M level PGDE at Glasgow to delegates at the ESCalate Masters colloquium, held at the University of Cumbria on June 5th 2009. It covers topics such as the Scottish teacher qualifications regime, teacher identities, evaluating learning and teaching, assessment and supporting learning processes
Masters in the 4 year primary QTS degree
This resource explains the 4 year primary QTS degree programme from Leeds Trinity and All Saints. Many thanks to Sarah Trussler for sharing how Masters credits are included in this programme. This formed the basis of discussion at the 4 year degree day held at the University of Cumbria on Friday, July 17th 2009
Masters level colloquium
On June 5th 2009, delegates from Scotland, Wales and England gathered at the Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria for an ESCalate colloquium to discuss 'Teaching - a Masters profession'. Three questions were asked during the day: What has Masters got to do with teaching? What would you hope NQTs from your Masters course would say about the value of Masters study for teaching? What is 'Teaching - a Masters profession' in your institution?...
Meeting the ECM agenda in HE : some issues for CPD
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 11, summer 2008, by Dr Mike Calvert and Dr Steve Coombs. It details an ESCalate-funded project the helped research issues faced by Higher Education and Continuing Professional Development managers arising from the Every Child Matters agenda. A range telephone interviews was carried out with key members of the CWDC (Children’s Workforce Development Council) to identify a range of aspects of...
PGCE M Level
This ESCalate Busy Teacher Educator Guide on the PGCE M Level has been written by Dr Keira Sewell, Primary PGCE Programme Director, School of Education, University of Southampton. It covers the characteristics of effective PGCE M level practice, programme design and organisation, teaching, assessment, collaborative work with schools, Quality Assurance, marketing, the benefits of PGCE M level to students and teacher educators and how the PGCE M...
Review of Professional Doctorates
This review concerns the range and type of Professional Doctorates offered in Ireland and internationally. It looks at their growth, fields of study, structure of programmes and distinctions between them and the PhD. It was published by National Qualifications Authority of Ireland in October 2006 and is presented as a 35 page Word file
Using reflective dialogue to assess professional learning
This project is being run at the University of Central Lancashire. The HE sector has joined other education sectors in a requirement for professional entry qualifications for teaching staff, along with a need for accredited CPD. By engaging in comparative research into the value and impact of the use of professional dialogue as a tool for assessing and structuring informal professional learning, this project will be able to provide a rich...