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A full package of a scenario for PBL - 'Sharon'
This resource is part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and covers Problem Based Learning (PBL). The downloads on this page make up a session used by Alastair McPhee. It is used after students have had a spell of school experience, so they have some kind of conceptual hook on to which they can hang their analysis. They also need to have done some reading. Alastair reminds us that, in using this, it is important to remember the...
A new approach to the teaching of experimental design to undergraduates
Practical discussion of teaching experimental design to undergraduates. Includes resources (science based), and suggestions for fiding others. Although aimed at undergraduates, might well be used at other levels
Example scenarios
This resource is part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and covers some scenarios for the use of Problem Based Learning from Alastair McPhee from the University of Glasgow. They include Effective learning environment scenario, Gender scenario, Challenging behaviour scenario, Motivation and self efficacy scenario, Theories of learning scenario. They are presented as a series of Word documents
Problem-based learning - notes from the ESCalate seminar
Problem-based learning (PBL) contains its own problems; it is heavy on time and resources and this might not sit too well with the need for efficiency saving demanded by institutions; it is not always welcomed by students who are reluctant to read or embrace independent learning; it is difficult to construct scenarios which do not problematise the child. However Problem-based learning (also known as contextualised learning or issues based...
Problem-based learning ideas for scenarios
At the ESCalate seminar on Problem-based learning held on February 27th, 2009 at the GTCS in Edinburgh, delegates were asked to work on ideas for scenarios. The downloads on this page are the results of their discussions. Some use a template, some do not, and it must be noted that these scenarios were the results of one afternoon’s work and are initial thoughts; it is accepted that a lot more time is needed to perfect the art of scenario writing....
Problem-based learning in ITE - taking the agenda forward
From the Journal of Educational Enquiry, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2002 by Alastair D McPhee of the University of Glasgow. Problem-based learning (PBL) is not new; in one form or another, it has been around for considerable time. Indeed, as Menon (1997) points out, it may be seen as originating with Dewey at the turn of the century. In this article I examine definitions of PBL, and some of the challenges and problems it presents. I look at the evolution of...
Two papers on PBL
Alastair McPhee has kindly sent us some other research which Fiona Patrick and he (both from the University of Glasgow) have done over the years on PBL (Problem Based Learning). You will find that the bibliographies contain some interesting material
Wanted! Agents of Change
Duncan Reavey explains how student primary teachers at the University of Chichester get involved in creative problem-solving projects in the professional world. They take a module called Creativity 3 which helps them to develop skills and confidence in creative problem-solving. They address real-world problems and provide genuine end products. The module is unlike anything which has been run before, so the lecturers are learning too