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'Wordle soup - how to make feedback more nourishing'
This is an ESCalate Hot Topic by Rebecca Bell of Nottingham Trent University on using the web tool ‘Wordle’ to help students make sense of their feedback. This approach would work by encouraging students to submit all of their module, term or even year’s feedback into Wordle (simple cut and paste). The output then consists of a visually appealing ‘word cloud’ with the most common words prominently displayed, helping students to identify their key...
Assessment Reassessed: A student and lecturer collaborative enquiry
Three research teams, consisting of students and lecturers from Education Studies programmes at DMU, will engage in collaborative enquiry with similar programmes at other six institutions. The focus of enquiry is assessment feedback – the strengths and weaknesses of current practice and the potential to develop more collaborative feedback models
Developing and enhancing learning and teaching through an internal knowledge exchange network
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 11, summer 2008 by Ron Ritchie where he discusses the introduction of self-driven internal knowledge exchange networks at the University of the West of England, Bristol. It details how the creation of an UWE Internal Knowledge Exchange Network (IKEN) to promote the development of pedagogic practice and research across the University, has impacted on student experience and knowledge exchange,...
Friday fry up event
This is an ESCalate Hot Topic grant awarded to Lynn Boyle of the University of Dundee to disseminate her work in bringing together colleagues in an informal lunch setting to share best practice on issues such as Web 2.0 and feedback on assessment
Resources from Lost in Transmission
Resources from the ESCalate event Lost in Transmission, 8 June 2009 focusing on the gap that is often found between the feedback tutors give to students, and the transmission of this feedback into something that students can subsequently use to improve their work
Rethinking feedback in higher education: an assessment for learning perspective
This discussion paper suggests that to improve the student experience of feedback we need to move beyond the traditional view of feedback as the written comments that tutors provide, often ‘at the end’ of a module, on student work submitted for assessment. The paper aims to flag up some of the key arguments for this change, and present evidence of what such change might look like in practice. Although it will have a ‘practical’ slant, being...
Suggestions for good practice in ITE assessment
These two documents 'Engaging students with feedback' and 'Assessment for learning' - are ideas from colleagues, collected at the ESCalate assessment seminar at the University of Gloucestershire on April 17th 2008. They are bullet point lists of suggestions on a range of assessment issues such as formal / informal assessment, linking theory and practice, use of self-assessment and group / cohort feedback mechanisms
The busy teacher educator's guide to developing assessment feedback
This article forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and was written by Dr Alison Hramiak, of Sheffield Hallam University. The purpose of this document is to share some ideas on assessment and feedback in Higher Education - although the principles described could just as easily be implemented in other types of educational institutions. It is not intended as a formal academic document, rather, it is intended that the...
Tipping out the Boot Grit: the use of on-going feedback devices to enhance feedback dialogue
This is an ESCalate Pedagogy and Practice grant awarded in June 2010 to Jan McArthur of the University of Edinburgh. In order to promote good feedback, dialogue between students and lecturers should be encouraged. With modern pressures affecting Higher Education, this can be difficult to achieve. By introducing feedback devices at multiple points throughout the 'Feedback Loop', students can be encouraged to engage in a two-way dialogue which...
Understanding students’ prior experiences of assessment and feedback
This is a brief description of an ESCalate development project led by Dr Graham Holden of Sheffield Hallam University, looking at student experience of assessment and feedback. It focuses on Y13 students who are just about to make the transition to HE study. The project will study year 13 students’ experience of assessment and feedback as they work towards their A2 (or equivalent) qualifications in various subjects across the Key Stage 5...