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Centre of Excellence in Work-Based Learning for Education Professionals
The main area of activity of this Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is work-based learning as both work-related and work-located
Climbing trees and building dens : mental health and well-being in young adults and the long-term effects of childhood play experience
This report arises from research conducted from October 2003 to April 2004. It complements the Forestry Commission’s ‘Newlands’ Project, which aimed to identify wasteland urban areas or abandoned rural woodland that can be developed into accessible, recreational woodland and maintained over time by supported local community groups (Jones, 2002). In order to understand the potential benefits of these developments, the Commission has been sought to...
Constructing resiliencies : support through learning in Nunavut, Canada
This is a short summary of student project grant from ESCalate to Heather Moquin of the University of Glasgow. This research seeks to better understand how education and learning facilitate resiliencies in life in the Canadian Arctic. The broad concept of resiliency will be examined within this study, with the particular focus being on how women's experiences of education and learning enable the development of individual and communal resiliencies...
CRUCiBLE - Centre for Rights Understanding and Citizenship Based on Learning through Experience
The main areas of activity of this Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning are the design, preparation and delivery of a cross-curricula set of programmes and modules that will enhance students’ understanding of and participation in human rights and social justice issues
Developing the partnership between out of school educational agencies and initial teacher education
This is an ESCalate development project led by John McCullagh of Stranmillis University College and featuring a partnership with the W5 centre in Belfast. Rationale Out of school ‘informal educational’ visits to science discovery centres, museums, nature reserves, etc. have much to contribute to the overall learning experience of children. However the extent to which such trips impact on pupils’ learning largely depend on how the experience is...
Learning at Interactive Centres: Developing Education Staff as 'Culture Brokers'
This resource discusses learning and teaching in out-of- school environments, in terms of theory of education, of place and of learning. It is aimed at those who teach children, or ITT. It includes discussion of learning as "cultural border crossing"
PBPL - Practice-based Professional Learning Centre
PBPL (Practice-based Professional Learning Centre) capitalises upon strengths in professional courses in the four partner academic units (The Open University Business School, The Faculty of Health and Social Care, The Faculty of Education and Language Studies and the Institute of Educational Technology). One of its aims is to enrich the OU’s Supported Open Learning model, bringing in practice-based learning, extending staff’s pedagogical...
Resources for reflective learning
This is a collection of exercises, material for handouts and examples that are designed to support the introduction and use of reflective and experiential learning. They were distributed as a resources sheet by Dr. Jenny Moon at a workshop on reflective learning given on behalf of ESCalate. They comprise of 50 pages from Moon, J (2004) A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning , Routledge Falmer, London. It covers topics such as the...
The reflective practitioner : undergraduate independent study modules in education studies
This is an ESCalate development project led by Jean Williams of De Montfort University that was completed in 2007. It looks at a cohort of students using a journal to record their reflections and using that as part of their assessment. The Project / Placement module has been running successfully since 1998 and offers Humanities students the opportunity to carry out an applied independent study through a placement in an educational setting. The...