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Developing NQTs e-pedagogies for inclusion
ESCalate Developing Pedagogy and Practice grant awarded to Nigel Beacham of the University of Aberdeen in 2009. Recently, the university has pioneered an approach to initial teacher education, to ensure that teachers have the pedagogical knowledge to respond to the challenges of inclusive education. Building on this work, they seek to pilot an approach to develop e-pedagogies for inclusion for newly qualified teachers (NQTs)
ESCalate newsletter issue 9, autumn 2007
This is the ESCalate newsletter issue 9, published in autumn 2007. Articles in this issue include: Maintaining standards: promoting equality, What’s new in accessible teaching for 2007-08, Bill Rammell’s speech, A study tour in New South Wales, A collaborative UK/Canadian project, Towards a greener future: a University-community partnership. It is presented as a single PDF file of some 24 pages
Exploring transitions to Higher Education for students with identified disabilities
This is a piece of ESCalate commissioned work led by Suanne Gibson of the University of Plymouth. Literature suggests the need for contemporary Teaching and Learning research in HE to adopt a more integrated approach to understanding disabled students experiences as learners. Such research ensures the voices of students with disabilities are integrated and that they are carried out jointly, i.e. in more than the one institution in order to...
Investigating good practices in preparing new teachers for inclusive schools and classrooms
This is an ESCalate development project led by Eileen Winter of Queen’s University, Belfast. This project is both investigative and comparative in nature. It is specific to the N. Ireland context, and an extension of a similar project undertaken by the proposer at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada (2002-2003). It will allow for cross-jurisdictional comparisons in relation to preparing teachers for...
Promoting cohesion, challenging expectations
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 18, autumn 2010 by Peter Hick of Manchester Metropolitan University. Peter Hick and his team have been looking at ways in which the teachers of tomorrow are being educated about race equality and diversity in 21st century schools
Promoting cohesion, challenging expectations : educating the teachers of tomorrow for race equality and diversity in 21st century schools
This is an ESCalate themed funding project looking at Teacher Educators for the 21st Century led by Peter Hick of Manchester Metropolitan University. NQTs often feel ill-prepared for challenges arising from complex issues of ethnicity and race equality in schools (TDA, 2008), yet little is known about teacher educators’ understandings of these issues. The project participants will interview teacher educators in Manchester and Edinburgh and...