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Aaron Porter : Keynote speech from 2nd annual ESCalate student conference students as stakeholders : take an active part in your own learning
Short video of extracts from Aaron Porter (NUS President) Keynote speech from the ESCalate event 2nd Annual ESCalate Student Conference Students as Stakeholders: take an active part in your own learning, 16 April 2010. Also an audio version synched with the presentation slides
Beyond the Subject Curriculum: the Employability agenda
A powerpoint presentation given at the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) conference in Daventry on November 26th. The presentation covers subjects including employability, what employers expect from graduates, personal development planning, the National Policy Context and the Enhancing Student Employability Skills Co-ordination Team (ESECT)
Career skills for education students
This free resource has been created to enhance the employability of education students and may be undertaken by students themselves and/or used by staff to import into their programmes of work. It is an interactive course with personal study dimensions which aims to be flexible, accessible and engaging. It is relevant to anyone wanting to enhance their career in education broadly defined, regardless of age, level and mode of study. It is...
E3I - Enhancing, Embedding and Integrating Employability
E3I's holistic approach advocates embedding and integrating a coherent range of employability features in programmes, benefiting all students, developing attributes needed for success in their chosen paths and lifelong development, and supporting widening access to employment
Education and training for the integrated children’s workforce
This is an article from the ESCalate Newsletter from Autumn 2008 written by Julie Anderson of ESCalate, University of Bristol on the Integrated Children’s Services in Higher Education (ICS-HE) programme. This is a collaborative project between a number of Higher Education Academy Subject Centres that looks at training for those who work with children in light of the Every Child Matters: Change for Children agenda. The implications for Higher...
Education students, employers and employability : a report on a small scale project in 2004
This paper reports on a project which investigated education courses in terms of the employability of graduates at one English post ’92 institution. The paper examines the initial findings from the project. These include data from a survey of a hundred and twenty seven undergraduates, focus group interviews with both students and staff and a student workshop. A small number of employers also give their views. Employability isn’t an issue for...
Embedding employability in education : conference resources
Employability has acquired a central role within policy, strategy and the student curriculum in HE. Education Studies is often automatically with linked with specific vocations such as a career in teaching or with the social care profession but are there wider employability messages we could be emphasising? Should Education Studies embed the wider aspects of employability in their curriculum? This one-day conference in June 2009 explored how...
Employability is a section of the Students' Web pages on the ESCalate website. It is aimed at education students and graduates who are thinking about their future careers. There is advice on work experience, job hunting, applying for jobs and more. This includes alternatives to teaching. There is a very helpful booklet called ESCalate Student booklet, which can be downloaded
Employability and enterprise
This leaflet, published by the HE Academy, underlines the Academy's commitment to helping institutions increase the employability and entrepreneurship of their students. The Academy (and its predecessor organisations) have produced a number of useful, evidence-based publications on student employability that outline different perspectives and approaches as well as giving practical guidance on integrating employability into the curriculum. This...
Employability for students : how to get the best from your education course
This book is part of the ESCalate series "Discussion in Education" and looks at the topic of employability. It has been written to help education students think about how to get the maximum out of their time at college or university while they are still on their course. Through a series of practical exercises allow students to reflect on their experiences and gain skills when looking for employment
Employability in the curriculum
This piece of ESCalate commissioned work was led by Ruth Pilkington of the University of Central Lancashire and looked at how employability can be engaged with across the education studies curriculum in HE. There have been two main areas of focus for the project: 1. A School Employability Forum has been set up to explore employability in education studies. IT develops the learning experience and value of opportunities for developing employability...
Employability Resources to accompany the Employability publications
These resources are referred to in the Staff and Student Employability publications.If you have any questions please contact Dr Julie Anderson
Employer concepts of graduate employability
This is an ESCalate research project led by Geoff Hinchliffe of the University of East Anglia. The project aims to research employer perceptions of graduate employability. The HE understanding of employer perception is currently framed in terms of key skills and personal qualities which are then reflected back into degree programmes. There has been insufficient recent systematic research undertaken into employer expectations of graduates (for...
Enabling practice learning in a context of scarce resources and competing claims
This is an ESCalate Hot Topic article produced by Jim Reid of the University of Huddersfield about practice based learning. Our programme, like many others focussed on work with children and young people, has a practice learning component that was increasingly complex to manage in part due to competing claims for placements from other programmes such as ITE, social work or youth work. A way had to be found to continue to offer practice learning...
Engaging education postgraduates using online media
This is an ESClate student project awarded by Esther Dingley of Graduate Junction to look into engaging education postgraduates using online media. It will use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide a snapshot of education postgraduates' perceptions of three key themes: e-learning; higher education policy and career options. Additional benefits include the creation of a dedicated peer support environment...
Enterprising Partnerships, Creative Courses; the key to graduates with impact
Joe Gadzula from Liverpool Hope University writes this introduction to the Spring 2011 ESCalate newsletter. He describes the concerns both students and staff in Higher Education have about student employability and the development of a skill set. He also introduces the case studies that feature in the newsletter, which include some interesting new initiatives
In Conversation with...Paul Redmond
An interview with Dr. Paul Redmond, head of Careers and Employability at the University of Liverpool and one of the country’s leading experts on the graduate labour market. He was the keynote speaker at ESCalate’s student conference ‘Enterprise and Employability in Education’ on 11 April 2011. He gives a refreshing account of employability, its fashionable position at present and why it is not so simple a concept as people think
Meeting the Every Child Matters agenda and the challenge for employers : a tale of two cities
This is an ESCalate research project awarded to Dr Sean MacBlain of University College Plymouth St Mark and St John in 2008/9. University College Plymouth St. Mark and St. John is undertaking a joint project with Stranmillis University College, Queen's University Belfast, to investigate current thinking behind the employability of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT's) working with disadvantaged children in cities experiencing regeneration. The...
Narrowing the gap : alternative modes of engaging employers
Narrowing the gap : alternative modes of engaging employers is a research project funded by ESCalate and granted to Claire Taylor of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln. The project aims to develop and trial alternative modes of engaging public, private and voluntary sector employers from education and childrens' services with the different phases of HE course design and delivery. This is in order that the HEI and employers develop a...
Narrowing the gap : engaging employers with learning, teaching and research
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 14, summer 2009 by Claire Taylor of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln. The article is about Narrowing the Gap, an ESCalate funded project which aims to develop and trial alternative modes of engaging public, private and voluntary sector employers from education and children’s services with the different phases of higher education course design and delivery
PDP and employability: leaving the academic agenda behind?
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 16, spring 2010. Tracy Johnson, a lecturer in study skills and a qualified personal coach, asks if Personal Development Planning can fit easily into the academic curriculum or whether it resides more comfortably within the employability agenda
Placement plus
This article forms part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators and looks at four year degrees and the Placement Plus scheme that provide a minimum of 32 weeks of placements, not necessarily in schools. It is a summary of a meeting of four year QTS Primary degree providers held in Lancaster in February 2008, looking at the various placement options offered by a number of institutions
Putting the ‘Professional’ Into Practice: Using student action research projects to enhance employer engagement
Lynn McCann writes about how action research projects at Liverpool Hope University give benefits to both the student and the employer. Small action research projects are carried out by third year Education Studies students, as work placements. Examples are: research on community-based respite care, benefits of volunteering and the history of a law firm. These equip students with a wide range of transferable skills and approaches, which are...
Raising student awareness of employability
This resource is the transcript of a video clip on student employability that was shown as part of a presentation at the UCET conference in Daventry on November 26th
Resources from Kent e-PDP and Employability Event
Resources from the ESCalate event Kent e-PDP and Employability Event, 10 May 2010 to promote the work of the project team from the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research and Unit for the Enhancement of Learning Teaching at the University of Kent in linking eportfolios, Personal Development Planning (e-PDP) and employability. The project is supported by the Higher Education Academy’s Discipline-focused Learning Enhancement Academy...
Resources from the ESCalate-JISC HE in FE conference: Inspiration for practice
Resources from the ESCalate event The ESCalate-JISC HE in FE Conference: Inspiration for Practice, 26 May 2010. This conference was designed for HE practitioners working in an FE environment, and examined the challenges and opportunities of that situation, as well as offering some ideas for excellent practice. The resources include a range of PowerPoint presentations, accompanying handouts and summaries of delegate questions. The resources cover...
Resources from the Third Annual ESCalate Student Conference on Employability and Enterprise in Education
These are resources from the Third Annual ESCalate Student Conference on Employability and Enterprise in Education, 11th April 2011. This was organised by ESCalate and held at Liverpool Hope University. There are a range of Powerpoint presentations and posters which can be downloaded
Student employability - what are the issues?
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, summer 2010 celebrating 10 years of the education subject centre. Helena Mitchell writes on how she became increasingly interested in issues of student employability as part of her work and with the help of an ESCalate grant has been able to conduct further research into this crucial area
Student Employability Profiles
The Higher Education Academy with the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) has produced this guide to promote and support the use of the Student Employability Profiles. We envisage that this guide will be of benefit to a wide range of staff within higher education including those closely concerned with: * Designing and delivering the curriculum * Supporting students’ personal development planning activities *...
Topping Out
This is Wendy's third and final article in the ESCalate newsletter, where she summaries her first year after Graduation.I’ve just finished my first full year in my job as a trainer/assessor of Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Community Development Work having graduated only a year ago as a Community Worker myself. So how do I feel one year on, as the graduation of my first group of students fast approaches? On top of the world? Well no,...
University of Plymouth - Earn & Learn Award: Are you making the most of your work experience?
The University of Plymouth runs an award scheme to enable their students to 'prove' some of their transferable skills, by getting Students to reflect on their work experience. Below is a list of the different areas covered in the Student Booklet. What are transferable skills? The Earn & Learn Award Checklist; Record Sheet; Get More From Work; What next? Identifying areas for development; Understanding Organisations; Analysing your performance at...
Unlucky 13 - 13 reasons why I binned your CV
I've got the 20 short-listed applicants in order to select the 12 I'm going to interview for the 2 vacant posts available. I started with 114 applications. Why did I bin your CV? Poor presentation. It looked scruffy - the corners were turned up and it looked as if it had travelled across several other desks before it got to mine. It had a coffee mark on one page. If you cannot be bothered to print me a fresh clean copy then you are not the sort...
Work-related learning : a matter of principle/s?
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue no.15, autumn 2009. Sabine McKinnon looks at a topic of widespread interest to today’s students: “what exactly is work-related learning, and what will it do for me?” The principles she developed with colleagues at Galsgow Caledonian University, embedded as they are in fundamental pedagogic theory, are applicable to all disciplines and offer a helpful guide for those of us involved in course...