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Betwixt and Between?
Recent developments in the framework for FE teacher education in the lifelong learning sector prompt questions about the educational philosophy underpinning professional development strategies for staff in this and allied sectors. These developments impact upon a range of practitioners and managers in institutions. Consequently they demand close cooperation between associated agencies with their respective territories who claim to support and...
Communities of practice and routes into teacher education: research findings from the University of Huddersfield Consortium for PCET
A one-year research project undertaken during 2005-06 for the University of Huddersfield Consortium for PCET has examined routes into teacher education and the place of communities of practice. An aim of the research was to identify and promote equality and diversity of practice. Consortium teacher educators, the subject of the research, work across the North of England within a network of over 30 initial teacher education providers, primarily,...
Education Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning: What can CETLs offer me?
Centres for Excellence are making a significant contribution to higher education in the areas of learning, teaching, research and curriculum development. ESCalate has brought together the most up-to-date details of Centres that are making significant contributions in the areas of Education, in the hope that all those interested in learning and teaching will use Centres for Excellence (CETL) as points of reference. Any grouping is likely to be...
Emergency Education: a development for British universities
This edition of the ESCalate newsletter welcomes a report by David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa on emergency education in Kosovo. In addition to the article reproduced here, Fumiyo has discussed emergency education in depth elsewhere. Staff and students in university departments and in the developing Centres for Excellence play important roles in work that is defining the nature and extent of emergency education and critical citizenship
Enhancing Student Learning 2006
This brochure gives details of what ESCalate and the Higher Education Academy has to offer its community. ESCalate is part of the Higher Education Academy. As the UK subject centre for Education we are working to enhance the HE experience for students following education programmes throughout the UK. We work directly with those staff in universities and colleges who provide courses in education studies, continuing and adult education, teacher...
Every Child Matters / Youth Matters
These notes are some ideas gathered from the Every Child Matters / Youth Matters ESCalate roadshow. This page gives ideas arising from delegates in the Every Child Matters workshops held by the University of Cumbria in Higher Education Institutions across England and Wales in 2007. They form part of the ESCalate Help Directory for Teacher Educators
Guide to innovation in teaching and learning
This guide is held in the Resources Database on the Higher Education Academy Web site. It summarises the results of an ESRC-funded study of innovations in teaching and learning in higher education
Higher Education and People with Learning Difficulties
Innovative and ground breaking work moving us all on, this is an account of one of the more recent development grant projects with ESCalate. For further information on how you could also apply to ESCalate for support see ‘Projects & Funding’ on our homepage
Interactive and collaborative blended learning for undergraduates
This is an ESCalate research project from 2008 led by the University of Exeter. The aim of this project was to investigate ways of using new technologies for collaborative online learning in a blended learning context. A variety of interactive online learning tasks and e-learning tools such as wikis, discussion forums and concept maps were used for both independent learning and assessment purposes. The research was intended to show whether a...
It's good to share
One of the strengths of ESCalate is its ability to bring together professionals from different parts of the UK to discuss similarities and differences in the ways we approach particular issues in education. A good example of this has been the series of seminars looking at Continuing Professional Development, the first of which was held on 28 February at the University of Stranmillis in Belfast
Learning in the 21st Century
A discussion of the challenges facing institutions, students and teachers, by a Gordon Freedman, Vice President of Blackboard, as published in the ESCalate bulletin in October 2007. It covers issues such as student engagement, globalisation, institutional accountability and revenue generation. It reports on a survey to learn from higher education leaders about their greatest challenges in achieving the goals of 21st century education. Readers...
Promoting good practice and innovations in learning and teaching: developing a multi-institutional learning and teaching forum
ESCalate funding will support the implementation of a multi-institutional partnership in the form a joint learning and teaching forum, partly facilitated via institutional VLEs. This will showcase learning and teaching innovations, facilitate good practice sharing and produce practical examples, available to ESCalate. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity to learn about facilitating free collaborative communication amongst partners in a...
Social Justice in Workspaces
The sights, sounds and smells of education conferences rarely change; smart clothes, clutches of headed paper, microphones that don’t work and stewed tea, but the Castle conference was different. Greeted by immaculate lawns, acres of woodland walks, formal gardens and water-lilied lakes the International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices at Herstmonceux Castle boasted five days of discourse and ducks that come to supper when...
Stressed at Work – Not Me?
Moderate levels of stress are a normal part of everyday life for everyone. In fact, it can be argued that short term exposure to stressful episodes are good for us, in that they briefly challenge us and thus prepare us for difficult periods in future life. However, this article is not about these transient stressors but rather touches on the psychological and physical impacts that chronic exposure to stress can result in
‘Now She Is Singing!’ Emergency Education in Theory and Practice
As we approached Verbovc School, its red roof and white walls stood out brightly in the April sunshine against the matt browns and greens of the surrounding fields. To the visitor, Verbovc village appeared a pastoral idyll revealing nothing to the uninformed eye of the horrors of 1999 when irregular Kosovar Serb troops and units of the regular Serbian army swept through hill village after hill village within the almost exclusively ethnic Albanian...