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A capacity study into ICT classrooms in secondary schools
This article is from the ESCalate newsletter no. 10, Spring 2008 and was written by Dr. Pat Jefferies. It reports on a pilot project, funded by Becta, that is currently being undertaken by the University of Bedfordshire. Forty PGCE (14-19) trainee teachers were asked to collect data from their placement schools (October 2006-April 2007). Four elements to classroom provision were studied: hardware, software, operating systems and classroom layout....
An ESCalate/Institute of Education Workshop on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education April 2003
The ESCalate community will be invited to participate in this one-day workshop on learning and teaching in higher education at the Institute of Education, University of London. The focus for the day's events will be the dissemination of the results of a series of innovative projects on teaching and learning in higher education, funded by the HEFCE Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund. The project directors will lead workshops based on themes arising...
Interactive use of video conferencing in ITT
This is an ESCalate Sharing Ideas project grant awarded to Jan Machalski of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln looking at the use of video conferencing in Initial Teacher Training (ITT). With a mentor we planned a delivery of planning and AfL in the first two weeks of PGCE/ GTP training. The idea was to contextualise the theory so it no longer seemed dry but relevant and to integrate school experience further into the initial 5-6 weeks...
Preparing academic staff to use ICTs in support of student learning
This resource discusses an accredited course presented to experienced academic staff to prepare them to use ICT with students. It presents theory and background information and interesting methodological discussion
Starter guides for online learning and teaching
Links to four guides published by The Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Generic Centre and the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). The titles of the guides are: Using the World Wide Web in Learning and Teaching, Virtual Learning Environments, Computer-mediated Conferencing, and Using Computer Assisted Assessment to support student learning. The guides can be downloaded either as rtf or pdf documents
Understanding and supporting the e-learning experiences of students with disabilities
This is an article from the ESCalate newsletter, issue 18, autumn 2010 by Jane Seale of the University of Plymouth). The article introduces the reader to LEXDIS a two year project supporting disabled students. Disabled students at the University of Southampton have been working with researchers to produce an online resource for both students and academics that offers handy hints and tips on technologies and strategies that can be used to make...
What's new in accessible teaching for 2007-08?
Simon Ball a Senior Advisor with TechDis writes the second in a series of articles written for ESCalate, giving practical advice on how to improve aspects of your practice to benefit all learners. It includes information on the Higher Education Assistive Technology (HEAT) Scheme and Accessibility Essentials on how create / write accessible documents and presentations