These guidelines have been prepared as a starting point for schools of education or education departments wishing to undertake peer observation of learning and teaching, particularly as preparation for a Subject Review. While the guidelines are designed to have general applicability to any department, the particular circumstances and the requirements of specific subjects will almost certainly mean that there will be variations in practice between departments and subject areas.

Objectives of Peer Observation

  • To assist departments in providing a high quality educational experience for their students
  • To enhance the importance attached to quality of teaching
  • To encourage all staff to reflect on the effectiveness of their own teaching and identify their development needs
  • To foster discussion and dissemination of best practice
  • To increase staff awareness of the whole student experience
  • To identify any weaknesses and put in place an action plan to remedy them
  • To help staff prepare for a QAAHE Subject Review

Based on a paper by Dr David Gosling, Critical Change Consultants in Higher Education, funded while in Post at the University of East London.

This is an abridged version of Dr David Gosling's paper.