AgCAS materials

The following materials are produced by AgCAS - The Association of graduate Careers Advisory Services. You should be able to collect the booklets or watch the videos at your University Careers Service. Alternatively, versions of the booklets are hosted on the web at Prospects-AgCAS Special Interest Series.

Alternative Work Styles Including Self Employment (booklet)
Information about self employment, working for charitable trusts and working flexible hours. 
Can I Have a Few Minutes of Your Time? (video)
Looks at how to find the jobs that are never advertised and how to get hold of some work experience.
Careers and Further Study for International Students (booklet)
Careers advice for international students.
Getting a Teaching Job (booklet)
A guide to help you get your first teaching post including advice on how to apply, pool systems and how to prepare for interview.
Going for Interviews (booklet)
Advice on how to succeed at interview. Also includes advice about assessment centres.
Job Seeking Strategies (booklet)
How to find information and how to deal with any problems you may encounter.
Looking Good on Paper (video)
This video is all about making good applications.
Making Applications  (booklet)
Focused on how to present yourself in an application, but also with some more general careers tips.
Mature Students - The Way Forward (booklet)
Advice on finding a graduate job aimed at mature students. 
Occupational Profiles (information sheets)
These sheets provide the basic information for many different types of career, including what the job entails, what the entry requirements are and what you could expect to earn. There are around 25 of these sheets.
Postgraduate Study and Research (booklet)
How to choose the right course for you, when to apply and how to get funding.
Starting Points (video)
Looks at how gathering information can help you to make the best career choices.
Tell Me, Mr Dunstone (video)
Information about how to deal with traditional interviews. 
The Assessment Centre Video (video)
A video showing footage of what happened at a real assessment centre.
Two Whole Days (video)
Covers assessment centres through the use of the character Mr Dunstone (from Tell Me Mr Dunstone video). This is has now been replaced by The Assessment Centre Video, but your Careers Service may still have a copy of this version.
Why Am I Here? (video)
Mainly focused on improving presentation skills, but also looks at how to work on other transferable skills too.
Why Ask Me That? (video)
Covers how to deal with criteria-based questions in an interview.
Working in Europe - First Steps, and Working Abroad  (booklets)
Advice on how to work in Europe or elsewhere in the world, with information about work permits and visas.
Your Job's Online (video)
A video about completing online applications