Example of a group exercise

Survival (pdf 5KB)

This is an example of one kind of group exercise that you may encounter at an assessment centre:

  • You and your group have found yourselves in a perilous situation as described in the attached document. There is a long list of items that you can use to aid your survival, but you can only take a small number of these items with you (the number will be specified).
  • Your task is to work out between yourselves which items you will take, and explain why you have chosen these items.
  • The assessors will normally watch from the edge of the room, with each assessor focusing on a specific candidate. They will play no part in the exercise and you will normally forget they are there.
  • There will be no definite right or wrong answer to this task; the assessors are interested more in how you work as a team and the process through which you come to a group consensus. Group members will be scored on their individual input, rather than the overall result for the group, so someone may still do very well in a team that has failed to reach a conclusion.
  • The exercise will usually last 15 to 20 minutes. At the end of the exercise, a member of the group will be asked to write a list of chosen items on a flip chart.
  • Read through the attached exercise, and if possible, try it out with some friends.