Sections 1-4 Getting started

Section 1: Where are you now?

In this section you will be looking at where you are in relation to planning your future career. Do you have any ideas or plans yet, or are you waiting until you've finished your course?

Section 2: Where do you want to be?

This section looks at your options for when you finish university. It will reveal the kinds of occupations open to someone with your qualifications and give you an idea of some future career choices.

Section 3: Getting the balance right

This section looks at the balance between your working life and your home life. It can be easy to jump into a career without considering the effects on your home life and your circumstances. It is designed to get you to think about your situation in relation to your career.

Section 4: Skills audit

This section aims to help you to identify the skills that you have developed, at university and outside university, in work and social activities in order to make it easier for you to demonstrate to a potential employer that you are capable of doing the job well.