Standard application form

Blank form (doc 122KB)

In order to make the recruitment process easier, some companies use the Standard Application Form (SAF). This is a generic form which provides a good overview of the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on the majority of forms. You can use the form in the file above (downloaded from Prospects), or collect a copy from your local Careers Service. To use the above file, right click on the title and then save it (otherwise it will open in Blackboard and you will not be able to type on it).

Take some time to read through the form, then fill it out as if you were applying for the job that you researched in Section 8. If you haven't done the Section 8 task then use a job advertised recently instead.

If there are any questions that cause you difficulty or if you would like your form to be checked, then take it with you to your Careers Adviser and ask them to go through it with you. You may wish to fill out a second form taking their comments into account.

Once you are happy with the form keep it somewhere safe and refer to it when you come to apply for real vacancies.