What next?

Section 13 - Application outcomes

'Application outcomes' covers what to do once you have found out that you have or haven't been offered the job.

  • Options after the two outcomes
  • Looking at how to improve your interview technique
  • Improving your chances by looking at where the problems lie
  • Where to get help to improve your chances
  • How to use feedback
  • What to do if faced with multiple job offers

Section 14 - Where to go from here

'Where to go from here' looks at what you can do in the next few months or in a few years time to improve your career.

  • Preparing yourself for job-hunting, such as preparing an action plan
  • Seeing how your skills have improved since section 1
  • Some questions to think about
  • Exercise to help you decide on your priorities
  • Producing an action plan
  • Information about improving your job or moving on in a few years time
  • Assessing your current position and finding areas for improvement