CV evaluation

Example CVs (pdf 14KB)

You have been provided with CVs from Gillian Goodwin and Peter Rogers-Smyth. You should consider the content, format and layout of these and decide what changes, if any, should be made. It was stated that applicants applying for the vacancies should submit their CVs by email. A copy of the emails Gillian and Peter used to accompany their CV is also provided. In evaluating the CVs consider the following:

  • Are the CVs clear and easy to read? Would a harassed Recruitment Consultant/HR person be able to scan the content easily and find enough information to recommend an interview?
  • Is all of the essential information included?
  • Is there any non-essential information included that could be removed?

Make a list of the recommended changes. As you have never met Gillian or Peter, what first impressions do you have about themĀ from reading their CVs? Remember, when you are making applications, the recruiters will not have met you either, so their first impression will be formed in the same way

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