School research

This activity will provide you with practice in finding information about a school in the local area (state-funded primary or secondary and/or tertiary). This is the type of research you would undertake prior to any job interview. You should prepare a short report on the school including:

  • Is this school under the control of the local authority, and run according to its policy and ethos?
  • Is this school under the control of its governors and run on a more individual basis?
  • Is this school funded by a private business or a private donor?
  • Is this school a 'faith' school?
  • Does this school emphasise any part of the curriculum?
  • Is this school selective?
  • Are performance statistics available for this school? *
  • What is the school's policy on special educational needs (SEN)? Are there any special facilities?
  • Does the school have an accessible mission statement? If yes, what do you find particularly encouraging and/or attractive in this statement?
  • Why did you choose this school?

* Please note, while you may want to have a look at these statistics, be conscious that they do not provide a full and rich picture of the school's qualities.