Location research

When you are doing your research not only do you have to take into account all of the details of your prospective employer/university, but it is also wise to investigate the area surrounding that employer/university, particularly if you are going to have to move house.

Things to take into account are:

  • Is there financial support available if you need to relocate?
  • Would you be able to afford suitable housing in that area or would you have to commute?
  • Would the environment suit you? (i.e. working in the country may be a shock after living in a city)
  • Would the locale suit anyone that would be coming with you? (i.e. do you need to investigate local schools or do you have a partner that would need a job locally?)
  • Would you be able to cope if you had to move a long way from your family and friends?
  • Would you be able to fit into a foreign culture if you are looking at working abroad?