Getting that job

Section 9 - Making applications

'Making applications' covers the process of applying for a job, from producing your CV to filling in application forms to applying online.

  • Information on the different types of application
  • Evaluating mock CVs in order to improve your own
  • Writing your CV with the help of some sample CVs
  • How to improve parts of your CV
  • Practice completing a standard application form
  • What should be in a covering letter?
  • Information about online applications
  • Looking at your priorities

Section 10 - Interviews

  • 'Interviews' provides information for how to do well at interviews for general graduate positions.
  • How to prepare yourself for an interview
  • Video clips of mock interviews to help you improve your performance
  • Guidelines covering how to dress for interviews
  • Looking at answering some common interview questions
  • Tips for how to handle telephone interviews

Section 11 - Education interviews

'Education interviews' focuses on how interviews for teaching posts differ from those for other graduate jobs.

  • Questions you may be asked at interview
  • Advice on how to succeed at an education interview
  • Other types of assessment that may be used
  • Understanding the differences between schools and types of lesson

Section 12 - Assessment centres

'Assessment centres' looks at what you may be expected to do if you attended an assessment centre run by a large graduate recruiter.

  • Details of the different activities that are used
  • A written individual exercise
  • Information on where to find practice psychometric tests
  • An example of a written group task
  • An example of a 'survival' type group task