How not to do it!

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This video clip from the HEA Physical Sciences shows a presentation given (badly) at an employer's recruitment event. Although the behaviour of the presenter may seem rather exaggerated and amusing, the faults illustrated do occur regularly in presentations.

To view the presentation clip, click on the link above. (You must have Windows Media Player or RealPlayer installed. It is best to view the clip with a broadband connection.)

As you view the clip you should note down any of the mistakes the applicant makes that you think that you may have made in the past. You can then compare your findings with those in the document 'Things to avoid doing' above. You may wish to keep your list for when you next give a presentation.

(The video clip was written and produced by the Physical Sciences LTSN, with some assistance from Steve Hanson. Actor: John Bryant. Sound: Graham Foot. Camera and editing: David Teece.)