Does the job fit your needs?

It is often simple to work out what qualifications and experience an employer is looking for. However there is more to it than just qualifications. You need to know if the job would suit you and your lifestyle.

For this task select two graduate employers that run different schemes, preferably in an area that interests you. For each, try and find out:

  • Are they looking for fresh graduates or graduates with experience in the field?
  • Is there an age limit for the post?
  • Will you need to relocate either in the UK or overseas during training? Is this optional?
  • Is the job 9-5 or will you be expected to work late or at weekends?
  • Does the post require you to study for further qualifications? Will you be expected to study in your own time?
  • Does successful completion of the training period guarantee you a permanent position? What is the probation period?
  • Do you get to choose where you are assigned to after completion of the training period?
  • Is moving locations a permanent aspect of the job?
  • Will there be the opportunity to work in a different country if you so desire?
  • If the job requires relocation are there schemes in place to help you relocate?
  • Will the job require you to be mobile on a regular basis, such as visiting clients, or attending conferences?

After doing your research, do you feel that your circumstances would fit well with those required by the jobs?

The aspects that you have investigated may not seem to play a large part when it comes to choosing a job or employer, but could prove to be important to you once you are 'in post'.