Module choices

The sooner that you can decide on a specific career or field that interests you the better. If you choose a career that is relevant to your degree subject, then it makes sense to seek out the optional modules in your university course that would give you the best possible academic background. So now is the time to investigate the requirements for recruitment into your chosen field in order to find out if there are any topics that employers would like you to have learned about.

Regardless of whether your degree subject is relevant to your chosen career, you should not overlook the convenience of free-elective modules, i.e. modules offered by other parts of the university that you can fit into your degree programme. You can take a language module in a language that is highly sought-after by employers or you could take classes in the use of software packages. You could even learn the basics of psychology or accountancy. Choosing a free-elective which is relevant to your chosen career may give you the edge when it comes to applying for jobs and will also give you the opportunity to decide if that is the kind of area that you wish to work in.