User Guide

This resource is to help you to work out what kind of career you want and to help you prepare yourself as much as possible for entering that career.

Each section looks at a different aspect of employability, from looking at what options are open to you, to how to construct your CV to what to do when you are offered a job. It is up to you to decide which resources are the most relevant to you and how much of these you want to look at.

Each section contains a mix of information and tasks and all have presentations covering the basics of what you need to know.

The headings below contain information on how to access these different types of resource.

Opening web links

In this resource, some tasks contain external web links. By default these will open in the same browser window allowing you to use the Back/Forward buttons in your browser. Alternatively, you may wish to open them in a separate window or tab depending on the features available in your browser and how you prefer to navigate. Consult your browser's Help for instructions on how to open links in separate windows or tabs.

Accessing Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files

Most of the documents in this resource, other than presentations are in .pdf format. This means that you will need to have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open them. You can download Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

To open .pdf documents click on the file name. These files will normally open in the same window unless your browser is configured otherwise. When you have finished, simply click the Back button.

PowerPoint presentations

This resource contains many PowerPoint presentations. The presentation will normally open in a separate window. Close the window when you have finished to return to the resource.

Using the arrows at the bottom of the screen will allow you to navigate between slides. If you are using Internet Explorer, then the notes for each slide will be visible. Dragging the bar above the notes changes the size of the slide and the amount of notes visible.

If you are not using Internet Explorer, the notes for the slides may not be visible. In this case you will need to refer to the 'Printer friendly version' .pdf file for the notes. These files are attached below the presentations.


There are a number of video clips within this resource. To open these you will require Windows Media Player. If your computer does not have this or is running an old version, then you can download the latest version for free from Microsoft.

Videos will normally play within a new window although this will depend on your web browser. You will need to have access to a computer with sound capabilities to view them. Because of the size of these files it is recommended that you view them over a broadband connection.

Surveys and tests

This resource contains surveys and tests in order for you to find out more about yourself and what you want from your career.

To start click on the test or survey name. Once you have submitted a survey or test you will be shown your responses. This is used particularly for the surveys where you need to note how many times you selected a), b) or c), so you can count up your responses. You can print your results using your browser's Print command or by clicking the Print link at the bottom of the survey results.