Writing your Action Plan

Action plans are a good way of getting yourself organised. They contain lists of tasks to do and deadlines for doing them. They can be quite motivating as every task you can tick off is a step closer to your goal.

For this activity you need to write your own Action Plan. Ideally, this plan should cover your remaining period at university and the following summer, although it can be adapted if your circumstances differ.

Your plan should include tasks such as compiling your CV, researching careers, having a careers interview, and collecting evidence to demonstrate your skills.You also should include dates of exams (leaving clear spaces for revision time), deadlines for applications, and dates of any careers fairs.

Try to break large tasks into smaller chunks as this will make them less onerous and give you the satisfaction of being able to cross off completed tasks more often.

Your Action Plan is a document that is individual to you so its content and level of detail will depend on your individual circumstances.