Take away guide

Listed below are a few things to consider in relation to future employment; these will not necessarily need a lot of time to address, just effective planning, and in some cases, access to a university careers service.

  • Do you know the dates of careers fairs at your university?
  • Have you made an appointment at your careers service?
  • Are you considering whether you need to make particular module choices in your final year?
  • Are you thinking about which areas / companies interest you?
  • Have you planned any work experience for the summer vacation? Even if you can't obtain paid work, perhaps you could agree a short period of work shadowing or voluntary work?
  • If you have a very focused idea of what you want to do, are you aware of when you need to complete the applications? Some companies can have very early closing dates for applications.
  • If you would like to undertake further study in your discipline would it be helpful to do your final year project in a particular area?
  • If you finish your course and you haven't found anything, there are a lot of recruitment agencies that are very successful in placing new graduates. Temporary positions can often lead to permanent placements. Even if they don't, it is still an opportunity to gain some valuable work experience.
  • Try to avoid leaving everything until the last minute.
  • Don't feel pressured by the apparent success of others, or if some friends seem to have a stronger sense of direction.
  • Be aware that you can still get help from your university's careers service or the service in your home town after you graduate. There may be a charge for some facilities.

You might want to print this task off and keep it in your room as a reminder of the things you need to do.