ESCalate Publications

We produce a wide range of publications to support teaching and learning and curriculum enhancement. Commissioned work appears in our Discussions in Education Series and electronically in our Academic Papers Online Series. Our wide range of electronic publications includes papers from conferences, workshops and other events, and many of the articles that appear in ESCalate Newsletters. The easiest way to ensure you receive publications is to register with us.

Academic Papers Online
These online scholarly articles and short papers develop from a variety of sources and activities. ESCalate welcomes new and developing writers as well as established authors
Conference Resources/ Papers
These are key resources that have come from ESCalate events, you can access other event materials by clicking on past events
Discussions in Education Series
Commissioned work in paper based format but with short print runs, generally available free of charge, providing scope for authors to tackle key issues at length.
ESCalate Newsletter Articles
Articles written specially for our termly Newsletters and presented as separate resources for easy accessibility.
Joint publications
Publications that have been co-written or produced by ESCalate and a third party
Special edition of ESCalate News - Summer 2011
Reference information and promotional materials
Generic materials for distribution to ESCalate departmental contacts and for use at events. Free of charge with details of activities, services and funding opportunities.