HE in FE Research Repository (a service offered by City College, Norwich)

The Research Centre at City College has a strong publication record, taking on a considerable variety of projects, programmes and consultancies in both public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. These include social and community research projects in the Further education sector, and delivery of masters and PhD programmes, as well as publication of books and reports.

The Research Centre specialises in independent evaluation using qualitative methodology. Experience shows that this approach can be effective for the range of project stakeholders and can facilitate an understanding of the processes and functioning of project work, illuminate attitudes and perceptions and represent degrees of complexity. Formative evaluation can portray a project's strengths, weaknesses and relevant issues in order to facilitate understanding for future development and highlight and disseminate areas of good practice.

ESCalate has a page dedicated to HE in FE where FE practitioners who teach HE will be supported. We will:

  • provide resources for staff new to teaching HE in the FE sector
  • offer ideas, network links and event information
  • ask for comments, suggestions and items for the newsletter and bulletin
  • keep the Professional Standards Framework at the centre of our work

ESCalate has already provided considerable funding through research and development grants to colleagues teaching HE in FE. More details are available on the HE in FE page.