HE in FE

About 10% of all HE delivery takes place in FE settings. ESCalate is working to expand its support for FE colleagues delivering HE programmes.

EScalate has specialist staff with expertise in teaching and learning in the FE sector. Julie Hughes is seconded to ESCalate from the University of Wolverhampton. Phil Price is an academic consultant to ESCalate based at the Higher education Academy, York. ESCalate works closely with Colin Rainey, senior advisor for HE in FE at the HE Academy York, and with the HELP CeTL based at the University of Plymouth.

ESCalate will continue to:

  • disseminate resources for staff new to teaching HE in the FE sector
  • offer ideas, network links and event information
  • ask for comments, suggestions and items for the newsletter and bulletin
  • keep the Professional Standards Framework at the centre of our work

ESCalate has supported a number of HE in FE colleagues with funding (see links below) and is keen to encourage other HE in FE staff to apply for grants. You can do this through the upcoming Research grants and Student grants (where you would act as mentor to an undergraduate or postgraduate student) for which we are asking for an expression of interest by April 16 or the Development grants round where we request a project proposal for an October deadline.

As well as conducting events, research and resource dissemination in the area of HE in FE, ESCalate is working on the implementation of the Standards Framework and supports the HE Learning Partnerships, (HELP) Centre for Excellence, at University of Plymouth and the ASSOCIATE Online FDTL5 project involving the Universities of Huddersfield, Bath Spa, Greenwich and Wolverhampton.

Plans include: events during 2007-08 for HE in FE practitioners; development of resources to support teachers new to HE in FE; creation of resources to help develop research capacity and scholarly activity in the sector - whilst recognising the severe pressure of heavy teaching loads.

HE in FE project links:

Developing web-based materials to support the induction of new academic staff working on education courses in Higher Education Jean Murray

Animation in Education: Its impact on learning, creativity and behaviour Britta Pollmuller

Developing a systematic approach towards Impack field research Steve Coombs

Reusable Learning Object: effective internet searching for ICT teacher training Ian McCormick

mLearning: Development and Delivery - creating opportunity and enterprise withing the HE in FE context Steve Rose

Designing for Interaction in an Online CPD Programme Andrew Sackville

Developing research capabilities in FE lecturers through practitioner led action research Ian Minty

Supplementary Materials to help QTS trainees overcome areas of weakness identifies in the Mathematics Audis Euros Davies