Teacher Education Workshop at UEL (with video)

The video materials presented here document a workshop jointly organised by ESCalate and The Cass School of Education and Communities, UEL to support the case study publication ‘Working with Diverse Groups of Learners in the Digital Age’. The workshop was just one in a series set up for this project and drew upon several years of ESCalate activity focussing upon the development of learning and teaching in relation to the use of technology. Practitioner-focussed workshops, held over the past 3 years, have proved successful in the dissemination of innovative use of emergent technologies and pedagogies in education subjects. Increasingly the presenters and audiences for these events were drawn from wider subject and curriculum areas.

The workshop on 28th February 2011 brought together teacher educators from primary, secondary and post-compulsory training phases to explore the implications and benefits of social media, Web2.0 tools and e-portfolios in shaping the future of teacher learning and training. The day was opened by Ann Slater and Professor Jean Murray, both UEL, and explored the nature of change in teacher education in the light of learner diversity and the growth of new social media tools for pedagogy.

For an overall review showing highlights of the day see this video clip:


Individual clips showcasing the different presenters' work include:

Ann Slater - Introduction to diversity at UEL

Tim Tarrant and Claire Moore (TDA) - Successes in teacher training

Moira Savage (with further details of case study 1 on digital portraits of primary trainees' pedagogical decisions)

Kathy Wright (with further details of case study 4 on pre-course workspace for entrants to ITT)

Warren Kidd (with further details of case study 8 on utilizing a variety of Web 2.0 tools to support trainees in PCET)

Geoff Rebbeck (with further details of case study 16 on personal learning spaces in FE)