Working with diverse groups of learners in the digital age

This publication and its wider project draw upon several years of ESCalate activity focusing upon the development of learning and teaching in relation to the use of technology. Practitioner-focused workshops, held over the past 3 years, have proved successful in the dissemination of innovative use of emergent technologies and pedagogies in education subjects. Increasingly the presenters and audiences for these events were drawn from wider subject and curriculum areas. This particular project builds upon 2 years of workshops and seeks to collect and disseminate innovative activity in Education subject areas. The project was keen to:

  • encourage new contributors to ESCalate;
  • elicit 'stories' from HE teachers about their use of technology/e-learning to support diverse groups of learners;
  • particularly encourage HE teachers who have not engaged with the ESCalate e-learning community previously - particularly HE in FE and Education Studies colleagues;
  • collate and disseminate the case studies to workshop and wider audiences via workshop resources/presentations and an electronic publication;
  • provide networking opportunities at face-to-face events;
  • encourage and inspire other HE teachers to experiment and take risks with e-learning - the case study template will provide detailed instructions and pedagogic principles.

A review of the case studies, highlighting emergent themes and cautionary tales can be downloaded from the link on the bottom right. This work was completed by Julie Hughes, University of Wolverhampton and Warren Kidd, University of East London.

julie h

Julie Hughes has worked in the School of Education at the University of Wolverhampton since 2002. Prior to this she worked in Teacher Education in FE. Julie's work and research focuses upon the use of e-portfolios and blogging to support the transitions into and out of the university, the development of reflective collaborative learning cultures and the role of dialogic feedback to support the personal and professional development of learners. Julie was awarded an HEA National Teaching Fellowship in 2005 and she was seconded to ESCalate as an Academic Consultant for 2 days per week in May 2007.


*Warren Kidd is Senior Lecturer in Education at The Cass School of Education and Communities, University of East London (UEL) where he works in the Post-Compulsory Education and Training Team. He is a Teaching Fellow of the university and the Leader in Learning and Teaching for his school. Warren is the co-author of 'Successful Teaching 14-19: Theory, practice and reflection' (Sage, 2010) and 'Teaching Teenagers: A Toolkit for Engaging and Motivating Learners' (also with Sage, 2011), and co-editor of Emerald's 'The Student Voice Handbook: Bridging the Academic/Practitioner Divide' (2011). He has an interest in podcasting and in the use of emergent (social media) technologies as a tool for research, assessment feedback and capturing the learners' voice. Warren's recent papers explore the 'boundary crossing' of novice teachers as they develop professional identities and the adoption of digital ethnographies to capture these teacher identities.