ESCalate on Delicious (a new way to share web resources)

ESCalate on Delicious—a new way to share web resources!

ESCalate has been experimenting with social bookmarking as a web 2.0 way to collate and share online education resources. We have started to create a list of these resources on one of the web’s most popular social bookmarking sites, Delicious.

While our list is still in its early stages, we invite you to view it at:

This link is publicly available and you do not need to be a registered Delicious user to access it.

For more information about using Delicious, we highly recommend the following video:

Have good resources you would like to share with the ESCalate community?

In order to recommend a page to ESCalate, you will need to create a Delicious account (we highly recommend it—it’s useful, fun and free!). Visit the below page and click on the green button at the top right reading “Join Now”:

Simply follow Delicious’ guide to getting started. In order to recommend a page to ESCalate, “tag” a page with the words for:escalate