ESCalate Bulletin No. 79 (14 December 2011)


  1. Au Revoir
  2. New online publication: teaching, learning and technology
  3. The last edition of ESCalate news
  4. Resources from one of our student well-being projects
  5. First HEA Education Workshop of 2012
  6. HEA Travel funds - Apply Now!
  7. Fond farewells and hopes for the future from the HEA

Au Revoir

We are pleased, in our final newsletter to have been able to affirm the principles of collaboration, improvement and reflection on which ESCalate was founded.  We send all best wishes to Kathy Wright and Will Curtis in their future work of supporting educationalists across the UK through the centralised structures of the Higher Education Academy.  When the opportunity arises one day, we hope that colleagues in associations and institutions will once again take up the challenge of converting our social capital into practical systems for mutual support and development. 

ESCalate has travelled far and done many things in the last decade.  We salute, and thank, all those who have journeyed with us. 

Andrew Pollard, Director

(As from the 31st of December 2011 ESCalate will cease its support for the teaching and learning of Education in HE.  This is the last bulletin we will issue). 

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New online publication: teaching, learning and technology

Led by Julie Hughes (Wolverhampton) and Warren Kidd (UEL), ESCalate presents its online publication of a series of case studies, with contributions from seventeen educational practitioners.

Working with diverse groups of learners in the digital age

The publication draws upon ESCalate workshops held over the past few years, and covers themes including web tools, online writing and education blogging.  In this way the project reflects upon the development of learning and teaching in relation to the use of technology.

You can read and download all seventeen case studies, and view videos from several of our contributors.

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The last edition of ESCalate news

Our Director Andrew Pollard heads up this last edition of our termly newsletter. Inside we hear from colleagues across our community, gathering together their thoughts on the legacy ESCalate leaves behind but also about the support they are continuing to offer.

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Resources from one of our student well-being projects

Professor Gina Wisker and her colleague Charlotte Morris have completed their ESCalate funded project "Troublesome Encounters: Strategies for managing the wellbeing of Postgraduate Education students during their learning processes"

On the project website are the following resources:

- A well-being toolkit for research students

- A research student well-being toolkit for supervisors and departments

Also you can read the team's final report.

All of our funded projects will be submitting their final reports over the coming days so please keep looking at and for their valuable outputs.

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First HEA Education Workshop of 2012

We are now starting to roll out a series of workshops and seminars and the first one is being organised by Liverpool John Moores University on 27th January 2012.

The theme of the workshop is 'Using Open data in Education Studies' and includes an opportunity to create your own app! For more details (click on the link below or see the attached flyer).

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HEA Travel funds - Apply Now!

From Kathy Wright at the HEA

Dear colleague,

At our most recent HEA Social Science cluster meeting, we received an update on applications received so far for the HEA UK Travel Fund. We are really concerned that colleagues in the sector may not be aware that they can apply for funding which could enable staff and students in UK higher education to exchange and disseminate good practice in learning, teaching and assessment and engage with their peers.
As Discipline Leads for Education, Will Curtis and I have been asked to promote this fund to the Education community. The fund offers:

-          Travel funds – train, car, bus

-          Subsistence

-          Conference/event fees

-          Up to £300 per person and £500 for a team

-          They can be attending HEA or non-HEA events

-          We even fund students!  Apply Now!

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Fond farewells and hopes for the future from the HEA

This is another opportunity to pay tribute and say thank you for the contribution of all those colleagues who have made ESCalate such a successful and active subject centre over the past 11 years. You will be missed but both Will Curtis and myself, as Discipline Leads for Education at the Higher Education Academy (HEA), hope that we can ensure that the community continues creating, disseminating and sharing good practice. For this to happen we need you to register with the HEA at the following link so that we can continue to send you updates and newsletters on matters of interest to the education community:

You will need to do this to keep in the ‘Education’ Loop!

Kathy Wright, HEA

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