Becoming a Teacher Educator: guidelines for induction 2nd edition

Author/Producer Dr Pete Boyd, Kim Harris, Prof. Jean Murray/ESCalate
  • Dr Pete Boyd (University of Cumbria)
  • Kim Harris (University of Worcester)
  • Professor Jean Murray (University of East London)
Date Published 17 October 2011
Pages 39
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The first edition of this publication has been used to support the induction of new teacher educators in the UK and beyond. But change in the HE sector and in the field of teacher education mean that this second edition is now needed.


This new edition has been revised in four main ways. Firstly, a considerable body of published international research focused on teacher educators has been produced since 2007 and the revised guidelines are informed by this work. Secondly, the new guidelines include the ‘voices’ of new teacher educators themselves gathered during our regular workshops for new teacher educators and our research projects. Thirdly, the revised edition aims to be more inclusive of all teacher educators, including those in further education. In terms of this latter group, it is informed by the limited literature available and our own research into the experiences of those teaching higher education programmes in further education colleges. Finally, the new guidelines seek to respond in a measured way to changing policy and contextual frameworks.

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