New models of Teacher Education: collaborative paired placements

Author/Producer Paul Wilson, Allison Bolster/ESCalate
  • Allison Bolster (University of Bristol)
  • Paul Wilson (University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John)
Date Published 10 October 2011
Pages 74
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This Discussion Series publication gives general practical ideas and discusses theoretical issues surrounding multiple placements in schools


In this Discussion in Education Series publication we review the approaches we have adopted in managing paired school placements in secondary teacher education at University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John (UCP Marjon) and the University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education. We describe, explain and evaluate these approaches and partnership guidance in the hope of encouraging other HEIs and school partnerships to share them. Our approaches evolved from work in secondary mathematics, modern foreign languages and science, however we believe that they can be adopted across other subject areas and phases of teaching.