Rethinking feedback in higher education: an assessment for learning perspective

Author/Producer Professor Kay Sambell/ESCalate
  • Kay Sambell (Northumbria University)
Date Published 3 August 2011
Pages 50
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This discussion of feedback takes place in the context of growing arguments to change assessment in higher education so as to focus on learning rather than simply measurement.


This publication has been written for us by Professor Kay Sambell of Northumbria University.

Generally speaking, this publication builds on the principles of the Osney Grange Group, to which the author contributed. This is a group of 23 writers and researchers with expertise in assessment feedback, which generated an Agenda for Change (2009) in relation to feedback in university education. The group argued for the need for HE stakeholders to fundamentally rethink the role and purpose of feedback.

This discussion paper aims to flag up some of the key arguments for this change, and presents evidence of what such change might look like in practice. Although it has a ‘practical’ slant, being targeted at University Lecturers (in Education and other subjects) it is, of course, linked to the emerging literature on assessment in higher education.